The Quality of Our Fabric

07 Mar 2019

One might wonder, what is the number one prerequisite to creating a high-quality wardrobe? We think that it is important to be able to recognize a quality garment when you see one. In order to build a high-quality wardrobe, you will need to be able to tell the difference between a durable, well-crafted piece and a piece that might look great but won’t even last through the wash. This can be a hard thing to tell when you are shopping for clothes and essentials like layering shirts. In order to help you recognize the properties of quality fabric, this post will give you the knowledge you need to assess the quality of clothes.

What is Quality?

Of course, we want our clothes to be long-lasting and durable. It is important to be able to trust that your clothes can move with you without having to worry about ripping seams or popping buttons. We want our clothes to stay the same shape as when we bought them, and we definitely do not want them to stretch out or shrink over time. It is important that our clothes don’t fade after wearing or washing it a couple of times. We want our clothes to feel good on the skin, especially when wearing layering shirts. The most important element of our clothes is that we want them to last, not fall apart.

The Difference Between Low-Quality and High-Quality

When clothing manufacturers create clothes, there are certain steps that can be taken to make sure the clothing is durable, high-quality, and is comfortable on the skin. This takes time and money. Therein lies the reason why it is so easy to find attractive pieces at budget stores that don’t last more than a week. One way a manufacturer could save money, for example, is to focus on making their clothes look great on a hanger instead of working on its quality. This is done with all kinds of clothes, but especially with shirts like cap sleeve shirts and other essentials since these are the main pieces of your closet.

Quality of the Fabric

You need to look at the quality of the fabric itself. Comparing fabrics is a great idea to figure out exactly what you want for your clothes. Whether it is cotton, wool, denim or any other kind of fabric, you should look into their durability, softness and breathability. In order to find the best quality clothes, you should touch it; examine the density by holding the fabric up to the light, and look closely to make sure there are no gaps or size differences between the individual threads. Cotton is an especially good choice because it is cheap to produce and easy to make well.

It is important to figure out how suitable the fabric is for that particular item. There are no inherently good or bad fabrics. Every kind of fabric has its advantages and disadvantages. The key is to become aware of them so that you can pick the best fabric for your closet.

At Heirloom, quality is something we stress. Our cap sleeve shirts and layering shirts are made of 90% cotton and 10 % spandex and ensure the best possible quality, durability, softness and breathability. With this unique blend of fabrics, our essential shirts such as camis, tanks and cap sleeve shirts are sure to withstand each day’s wear and tear. For more on the quality of our essentials, check us out today!

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