Three Ways to Wear a Camisole Shirt

10 Jul 2019

Summer is here and that means the hot weather is upon us. With that being said, camisole shirts easily become one of our favorite outfit options for tops during the summer months. We are here to tell you three ways to wear your favorite camisole shirt this summer!

camisole shirt

Wear it By Itself

If you live in a super hot climate, wear your camisole shirt by itself this summer. At Heirloom, we make sure our camisole shirts are made of the highest quality material so you can comfortably wear them during hotter months. Not only will it make you cooler in the summer sun but the look definitely fits the time of the year! Not to mention, because of their flexible nature, they are great for anything active!

Layering On Top

One of the most common ways women wear camisole shirts is with a layer on top. Some of our favorite layering options are a jean jacket, leather jacket or a chic cardigan! There are so many different layering options; the number of different outfits is essentially endless. We make our camisole shirts out of material that is not going to bunch or be bulky, making them perfect to wear under other layers. They are not going to make you overly hot or self-conscious about the material riding up or giving you unneeded lumps.

Wear Underneath Your Clothes

Another option is to use your cami as a shirt under other clothes that might be see-through or more revealing than you may like. Our camisole shirts have a high, but not too high neckline making sure you are comfortable and confident throughout your day. From the selection of our camisoles, you will find multiple colors, giving you options for whatever your needs may be.

No matter how you choose to wear your camisole shirt, we know our camisole can work with just about any outfit you pick. It has the right material and fit to make sure you are feeling your best all throughout the day. Above, we listed three ways to wear a camisole shirt, however, do not let that stop you from trying to wear it in any other way you think of. There is a camisole shirt perfect for any outfit you could possibly imagine!

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