Three Ways to Wear a Long Sleeve Shirt

10 Jul 2019

While they may not be the most popular shirt option, long sleeve shirts give wearers a variety of uses. Whether it be for cold days or warm days, long sleeves work in all kinds of situations. Here are three ways in which you can wear long sleeve shirts!

Cover-Up Long Sleeve

Using your long sleeve as a cover-up shirt may not be the first thought, but maybe it should be! A lot of the time, when we get chilled, our first move is to throw something over what we already have on. A long sleeve shirt is a great option for cooler evenings when the sun is waning or when cool air is blowing non-stop from the AC. In addition, you can also use your long sleeve as a cover-up shirt when you are sunbathing. Even with the strongest sunscreen products, our skin can’t handle the sun for too long. A light long sleeve can give your shoulders and arms the cover they need.

When using a cover shirt, long sleeves should be bigger and loose-fitting (consider going up a size for this use), that way they lay over your body cozily like a blanket. After using a long sleeve as a cover-up on a warmer day, you can always wrap the sleeves around your waist and stay on the move! If you need to cover your arms or just want more layers, long sleeve shirts will comfortably get the job done.

Standalone Long Sleeve

Perhaps the most common use of long sleeves is the regular standalone option. You may consider this on a day that isn’t necessarily hot or cold but in between. That may be the condition in which you consider a long sleeve the most, but it is not the only time. Long sleeve shirts also work well on days when you want to wear short-shorts around the house and curl up on the couch to read a good book or watch your favorite TV series. Further, you may start noticing more and more women wearing these shirts over their sports bras on their way to and from the gym. There really isn’t too many instances in which you can’t wear a long sleeve shirt on its own.

Layering Long Sleeve

The third way to wear your long sleeve is as a layering shirt. Most people already associate long sleeves as a winter option, but you really wouldn’t do well in the winter with just a long sleeve! Long sleeves are often layered underneath other articles of clothing, especially during the winter. Now, you can layer your long sleeve under a jacket or vest during any season, especially if you are expecting to shed whatever you have on top. Take a moment and think about all the different times and things you might be able to layer a long sleeve with.

These are the top three most common ways in which we’d suggest wearing a long sleeve shirt. Within these three ways are multiple instances and options; be sure you know what styles and sizes work for you when wearing a long sleeve shirt. For more help, see our other blogs about long sleeve shirts!

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