Top 5 Clothing Items to Wear With a Layering Shirt

09 May 2019

If you are looking for something new with your closes, you can get more from your current wardrobe by rethinking how to wear your favorite clothes. One of these ways is by understanding that layering is key. A lot of people know how to layer tops with sweaters and scarves but there are so many more ways to layer to really maximize your closet. Here at Heirloom, we are big fans of layering in all seasons and we’ve compiled the top 5 clothing items to wear with your layering shirts.

Sheer Shirts

A sheer top brings a delicate element to an outfit but when your bra shows through, it can be embarrassing. Not only can it be embarrassing it is downright not appropriate in the workplace or in many social situations. Wearing a layering shirt underneath your sheer tops can help give you that fun sheer look without being immodest. Wear a camisole, tank top or a cap sleeve shirt that matches the color of the blouse. For example, wear a white camisole with a white sheer blouse.


There are so many interesting ways to make layering interesting. Both coats and jackets look amazing with colorful layering shirts or more neutral colored layering shirts under them. Your layering shirt can be worn tucked, half tucked in the front, or worn long depending on the style you are trying to express under your jacket. Layering shirts under jackets create a more powerful sophisticated style.


Using cardigans to layer on top of your various layering shirts will essentially have the same effect as your jacket layering. Cardigans are so easy to make fashionable, not to mention, they are extremely comfortable. Cardigans come in all different lengths, styles and colors. Every closet needs at least a few to pop over your cap sleeve shirts when the weather gets a little colder in the evening. In addition, they are a good choice to help you mix up your clothes and create a brand new wardrobe.

Sleeveless Dresses

This style of layering is becoming more popular recently. Wearing layering shirts under dresses is a major trend that makes your existing wardrobe much more versatile. Wearing a cap sleeve shirt with a spaghetti strap dress can make it look youthful and casual in comparison to wearing the dress on its own. Pair your dresses with layering shirts that vary in length to get a sense of a brand new style that is fun yet surprisingly classy.


A vest is a piece that will help you make the most out of your closet. Any shirt, including layering shirts, can be paired with a vest to make it a little more fun and unique.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up and layer different pieces in your closet. You will be missing out on so much potential if you never switch up your layering. Your personal style can be improved by wearing the right pieces together. Layering with these key pieces will keep your wardrobe fresh and new all year round. So try combining these five items with our quality layering shirts found in store and online.

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