Trending Minimalist Looks

07 Feb 2019

Style is subjective, but there are certain trends that seem to be highly favorable amongst a majority of the population; one of the current trends is the minimalist style. People across the globe just seem to prefer the sleek, elegant look of a simple yet stylish layering shirt accompanied with added pieces like a simple jacket, flashy shoes, or classic jewelry to pull off a stunning look.

One of the greatest advantages of minimalistic styles is that they are timeless, hence they don’t really ever go out of style. Season after season, you’ll find that those who tend to stick to a more minimalistic style rarely have to get rid of any clothing. However, this doesn’t mean that you should use these pieces of clothing in the same manner forever. Here are some of the best minimalist looks and how you can achieve them.

The Color Palette of a “Minimalist”

Minimalists styles tend to work with almost any color, but soft camels, creams and neutrals are the most graceful shades you can keep in your wardrobe. These shades paired with the perfect coat or trousers can create an attractive look that will never get old.

Along with these opulent shades, brighter colors such as reds, pinks, and blues can add some more vibrancy to your wardrobe while keeping a polished, refined look as well.

All Black Outfit with a “Pop” Accessory

Something else that is prevalent in the world of minimalist fashion is the simple addition of a bright accessory to an all-black outfit. A great example of this would be a black layering shirt under a black coat, worn with black pants and black boots, but then throw in a yellow bag to help add that flare to the outfit.

Mixing Brights and Neutrals

Another great minimalistic yet ornate look is the bold combination of brights and dark neutrals. When worn together properly, this color-combo will turn some heads. If you need to picture an example: a white or grey layering shirt, black coat and some red pants.

Adding Dark Accessories to a Vibrant Outfit

If you’re a huge fan of bright colors, you might want to try adding some darker accessories to your colorful outfit to break up some of those colors and prevent clashing. For example, you could wear a pink layering shirt with a red skirt and some black boots. Throw in a black purse or handbag to accompany the boots and you’ve got a nice mix on both ends of the spectrum.

Minimalistic styles don’t have to be boring, you just have to know how to pair each article of clothing and you’re in for an elegant surprise. Check out some of our clothing designs on our website to see for yourself why you should be building up a minimalist wardrobe.

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