Two Qualities Your Clothing Should Have

07 Feb 2019

Each company has a variety of characteristics that helps them stand out from the rest of the competition, but there are two qualities that your foundational and layering shirts should have: strong fabric and flexibility. While there are a variety of positive traits that come with Heirloom’s foundational and layering shirt products, these two qualities are what we’d like to talk about today.

Strong Fabric

It seems like in 2019 we are finding popular retails stores producing A LOT of new outfits, but the material doesn’t last too long. How often do you see a shirt that you want to wear but almost reluctantly put on because either the fabric has grown thin, the color has faded, or some of the seams are beginning to rip? While we all love finding the best deals for our clothes, we sometimes pat ourselves on the back to quickly when the quality really isn’t all that great. At Heirloom, we produce essential shirts that are high-quality without forcing you to pay a fortune.

What we’ve done is found a way to give you a fabric that will not only withstand the wear and tear of a day but also a lot of wash cycles. Furthermore, we do this without sacrificing the fitted feel and feminine look. By giving women the ability to feel confident with the look and comfortable with the feel, we’ve created a clothing line that is truly timeless; the stronger the fabric of your clothing, the longer it will last.


One of the other qualities that your foundational and layering shirts should have, is a bit of flexibility. While there are plenty of other clothing companies that sell layering shirts, they fall short to what our layering shirts can do for you. At Heirloom, we understand that you are not sitting around all day, and, because we know that you are up and at it, we’ve made it so that your layering shirt doesn’t restrict you from reaching for something high or low. Our well-fitted design does not take you away from stretching, bending and leaning any way you may need; the soft, yet tough fabric we have has been designed to stretch with you!

It really isn’t difficult for us to go on and on about the variety of benefits that you get from wearing Heirloom products — we haven’t even discussed the many different styles, attractive designs, and full coverage we give you — but we do take pride in supplying you with a timeless product. Thanks in part to our fabric and its flexibility, we provide you with some of the best layering shirts and foundational shirts. In addition to this, we have a wide selection of skirts, blouses, sweaters, pants, capris and more. For a multi-purposed layering shirt or for a classy outfit, you really need to take a look at what we can give you at Heirloom Clothing.

If you have any questions or curiosity about our clothing, take a look at our website, today!

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