Two Quick Reasons to Choose a ¾ Sleeve Shirt Over a Long Sleeve Shirt

14 Aug 2019

Deciding what kind of shirts you want to add to your wardrobe can be difficult, but investing in various styles is a good way to go! If it comes down to making a choice between shirts with longer sleeves, you could go both ways with 3/4 sleeve shirts and full long sleeve shirts. However, in this blog, we’re going to talk about two reasons to choose a 3/4 sleeve over a long sleeve. Here are just a couple of reasons why we would suggest a 3/4 sleeve shirt!

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You Get More Breathing Room

Rather than having sleeves that cover the entire arm, ¾ sleeve shirts give you more airflow with the sleeves cutting several inches above the wrist. With a long sleeve shirt, you might struggle in warmer weather. You might find yourself rolling your sleeves up to cool off or to get the sleeves out of the way when doing tasks such as washing dishes. While 3/4 sleeves shirts are similar to long sleeves shirts, you don’t have to worry about rolling your sleeves up.

You Can Show Off Accessories

Another great thing about a 3/4 sleeve shirt is the fact that you can show off your accessories better; more specifically, bracelets. If you’re someone who loves to accessorize, you’ll want to choose a 3/4 sleeve shirt over a long sleeve shirt because a long sleeve is going to cover up most of your accessories.

These are just two of the main reasons you should consider 3/4 sleeve over a long sleeve, but there are definitely more. 3/4 sleeves shirts are designed to be one of the most functional layering shirts on the market right now, and the quality you get from purchasing one from us here at Heirloom is unmatchable.

If you find that you have ample room for a new wardrobe, you should definitely mix it up and check out some other layering shirt options on our website.

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