V Neck vs Scoop Neck

03 May 2019

There’s a variety of different necklines out there, and choosing the right one for your body type can help you look and feel more confident and beautiful. Two of the most common types of necklines are V-neck and scoop necks, both of which look good on a variety of different body types.

Here at Heirloom Clothing, we understand that your clothes should not only help you feel comfortable and confident but allow you to feel bold and fashionable as well. We make our essential layering shirts in a variety of different styles and necklines to help achieve this. If you aren’t sure whether to wear a V-neck or a scoop neck shirt, here is some information on both that can help you decide.

V Neck

A V-neck shirt is where the neckline creates a triangle or V shape. V-neck shirts can come both low cut (also called a deep V) or can have a higher neckline, but the depth of the V will depend on your bust size. If you have a smaller bust, you should try reaching for a smaller V, but if you have a larger bust you want to wear a deeper V to help lengthen your torso.

If you aren’t a fan of deep V-necks or aren’t looking to elongate your neck torso, then adding a layering shirt underneath a V-neck is a great option. You can get the classic look of a V-neck without having to worry about showing too much bust, especially when leaning or bending over. Many women prefer to wear a cap sleeve shirt under their V-neck blouses for added coverage and comfort.

When accessorizing with V-necks, try wearing a necklace that mirrors the shape of the deep neckline. Since a V-neck is such a classic look, you can get creative with your accessories, and add in some fun statement pieces to complete the look.

Scoop Neck

Scoop neck shirts are one of the most common shirt styles you will find and are especially common in layering shirts. A scoop neck is a rounder, wider neckline style that can help lengthen your neck as well as accentuate your collarbone.

Part of why scoop neck shirts are so popular is because they look great on so many different body types. No matter your body shape (pear, athletic, hourglass, tall or petite) or even your bust size, a classic scoop neck cap sleeve shirt will look great on you.

If you love to layer, scoop necks are a great choice to use as an undergarment. If you wear a scoop neck by itself, try wearing some light, layered necklaces or even some drop earrings to complete the look.

You can never go wrong with wearing a V-neck or a scoop-neck shirt. Both styles are flattering on all body types and can help provide a feminine and stylish look to any outfit. For more style tips and to purchase some essential layering shirts, visit HeirloomClothing.com.

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