Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

07 Feb 2019

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast, and with it comes the pressures of dinner reservations, gift ideas and the underlying stress of trying to find the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit to wear. But what if we told you we came up with a guide that highlights some of the best outfits that will leave your date astounded? Here at Heirloom, we’re all about comfortable yet fashionable clothing, and we’ve got something for you.

So, whether you’re hitting the town with friends or going out for a romantic dinner date, here are some of the most charming and versatile outfit ideas for your Valentine’s Day plans.

Going with Traditional Red

When you think of Valentine’s Day, the first color that might come to mind is red. While it may seem cliché, an elegant shade of red can really add class to your outfit. One of the best ways to utilize this color perfectly is to wear a black layering shirt with a red coat and red jeans, or, for a softer but still strong appearance, just a red skirt with the layering shirt tucked in under a jacket. As for shoes, you can opt for either black or tan dress shoes; accessories can include a black purse, bracelets and some gold jewelry.

Alternatively, Just a Hint of Red

If you’re not a huge fan of an all red look, you can switch the order of things by sporting an all-black look and adding touches of red via accessories. One amazing way to achieve this is to use a black layering shirt under a dress coat with some black trousers and black dress shoes or heels. Once you have the outfit on, you can add a red purse or bag to really add that “pop” to the outfit.

High Wasted Skirts and Crop Tops

Another ornate combination comes in the form of winter crop tops and high wasted skirts. This look is so versatile in the sense that it looks polished without sacrificing comfort. You can use a layering shirt under your crop top, but if you’re not a fan of crop tops, an elegant layering shirt can act as an alternative.

Graceful Lace

Lady-like lace dresses can make for stunning outfits for a romantic night out at your favorite restaurant. Lace dresses shouldn’t only be reserved for weddings and other big life events, they can be transformed into a casual, yet elegant look this Valentines Day. The best way to wear a lace dress would be to layer a foundational shirt under the dress and opt for heels instead of sneakers or flats.

These outfits are some of the best options when it comes to a versatile Valentine’s Day outfit. Check out the clothing on our website if you’re looking for pieces to complete your looks — we combine comfort and style to bring you the most exquisite outfit combinations around.

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