Versatile Color Palettes

23 Jan 2019

Colors palettes are so much more than just a group of colors; different palettes tell different stories, help people express themselves in different ways, and overall set different tones, moods and styles. When it comes down to it, your favorite color palette says a lot about who you are. That being said, there are some color palettes that can be applied in various manners and create some of the most unique styles imaginable. These versatile color palettes can be used in style all across the board, and there’s no reason that your next layering shirt shouldn’t be one of these colors.

Here are some of the most versatile color palettes in the world of fashion and how they can be worn in different styles.

The Tan and Maroon Combo

It can be tricky when trying to style tans and light neutral colors, but a deep, rich color like maroon is the perfect shade to tie these colors together. Whether you’re going for a classy, professional look or a modern, casual one, you’re bound to turn some heads with this color palette. A grey layering shirt could go perfectly under both a tan coat or with maroon jeans.

The White and Purple Palette

You can wear white with pretty much any color but pairing it with purple will not only create a look that will work with any style, but also maintain an elegant tone. What makes this palette so versatile is the fact that you can mix in both gold and silver accessories, giving you even more options when it comes to crafting the perfect outfit. A white layering shirt and purple pants or vice versa can be a simple yet eye-catching choice. Whether you’re trying to find an outfit to wear to a business meeting or a night out with friends, this palette usually works.

Red and Blue Classic

Possibly one of the most popular palettes around is the versatile red and blue combo. The combination gives you many different options and occasions to wear it, but there is a third color that usually works wonderfully with this combo — white! A pair of blue jeans, a white layering shirt, and a red jacket can be used in almost any situation. The layering shirt helps highlight the brightness of the red and the contrast of the blue jeans.

The Green and Yellow Color Palette

This color combination is a favorite during the spring and summer months, especially due to its ability to work with a lot of different styles. This color palette can be used to craft both stunning business casual outfits as well as classy, formal outfits. You can even opt to use this palette for an everyday, casual outfit. Simply use a yellow layering shirt, pair it with blue jeans and try some green shoes.

Versatility is important when it comes to your wardrobe because it provides you with endless outfit possibilities. If you’re looking to expand your wardrobe and experiment with different styles, check out the quality, stylish and comfortable clothing we have to offer here at Heirloom. From layering shirts to skirts and dresses, we have something for everyone.

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