Wearing Layering Shirts in a Professional Setting

26 Feb 2019
It doesn’t matter if you are a stay-at-home mother or a woman in the work field, there are always occasions to wear something a little more professional. A good way to dress up for an important meeting, dinner or conference is to layer your outfit. Whether you wear a blazer, dress pants, pencil skirt, midi skirt, or a blouse, a layering shirt goes perfectly with whatever you choose! Below are several ways to style your professional look with a couple of layering shirts!


When a woman shows up to a business event dressed stylishly in a blazer, a few heads always turn. Blazers are versatile and have the ability to match with dress pants, skirts, casual pants and more. No matter what you wear with your blazer, a solid layering shirt is the perfect subtle contrast needed to pull this look off.

Dress Pants/Trousers

A layering shirt can be worn alone with a pair of sleek dress pants or trousers. Usually, dress pants come in darker colors, so picking out a contrasting 1/2 sleeve, 3/4 sleeve or cap sleeve shirt will create a sharp look. Dress pants make a statement of their own, and topping it off with a layering shirt is pure class.

Pencil or Midi Skirt

A pencil, midi or another kind of skirt pairs well with any layering shirt. No matter what style of skirt you choose, with a layering shirt as your foundation, an outfit can be easily completed with an assortment of accessories.


There are a lot of beautiful blouses in the fashion world today and while they may be stylish, some might be a little too risqué for your professional setting. To make some of the open shoulder or sheer blouses appropriate, pair a neutral colored layering shirt underneath! You shouldn’t feel restricted by today’s fashions when you have a layering shirt that gives you more options.

There really is no end to what you can do with layering shirts when you are preparing for any occasion. With your professional wardrobe, be sure to utilize your layering shirts before you give up on any outfit! To find a layering shirt that will work for you, check out our selection at Heirloom Clothing!

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