What Color Shirt Should I Wear?

13 Mar 2019

One of the most frustrating things in the world is when you open your closet and stare into a clutter of clothing that you don’t know what to do with. Often times, you will stare blankly and think…what do I wear? How? What combinations work and which ones don’t?…Hitting a fashion rut isn’t fun, and when this happens, it’s best to take a step back and remember the basics.

Layering shirts are an essential clothing item that can be worn with virtually anything, plus they come in an array of colors to help you create various outfit combinations. These versatile pieces are simple yet chic and provide you with comfort and style. Black and white shirts might be the go-to shades when it comes to simple color-combos, but here are a few different ideas on how to wear different colored shirts based on the color of your bottoms.

Denim and Blue

Classic denim jeans or other blue bottoms — pants or skirts — can be paired with a variety of different colored shirts. Pink, red, orange and other vibrant colors look great with any shade of blue. You can also combine other shades of blue together, for example, a blue cap sleeve shirt with a lighter pair of blue jeans. Another great combo is comprised of grays and navy blue.


Black bottoms are great because they can be work with any colored cap sleeve shirt to make it pop. If you’re opting to wear a more neutral outfit, pair your black pants or skirt with a cream, white, camel, grey or charcoal layering shirt. For a more colorful look, you can wear a bold red or bright yellow cap sleeve shirt.


Like black bottoms, grey matches well with most colors. But, the best colors to pair with grays are red, navy and purple. Lighter shades of grey can be paired with more bold colors while darker grays work best with lighter colored shirts.


Green can act as an elegant color choice, especially olive and emerald shades. If you decide to wear a pair of green bottoms, neutral colored shirts will look best. A beige or white layering shirt can give your outfit a warmer tone, while a black or grey top will give your outfit a cooler tone.

White and Beige

This color palette is essentially the polar opposite of the black bottom choice. Lighter bottoms go well with shirts full of rich color — purple or Burgundy for example. You can also stick to a neutral look by wearing a charcoal or black cap sleeve shirt.

The options go on and on, but there really are patterns and combinations that work almost every time! Use this blog as a source of inspiration and go experiment with simple color combinations. If you’re in need of a few new layering shirts, check out our wide selection today.

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