What Heirloom Means and Why We Chose It As Our Name

14 Feb 2019

Whether it be a child’s name, a city’s name, a band’s name, or a company’s name, there is always a story or reason for the choice of that name. These reasons and stories may not always be all that compelling, but here at Heirloom Clothing, our name has reason and we value it.

If you take a look at the definition of Heirloom, you’ll find that it says something along the lines of, “a valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations.” This definition reflects our company’s name because our clothing is something that not only has great value, but because the use of layering shirts, cap sleeve shirts and other essential shirts transcends through time for all women.

Our founder, Shellie Slade, decided on this name because each woman is a timeless treasure and what you keep in your closet should match that. The style of our clothing will carry throughout generations, and anything that stands the test of time is truly valuable. We aim to make every layering shirt or essential shirt an enduring product that contains lasting value. In order to do this, we work to create clothing that has worked with your past, does work with your current, and will work with your future, personal style.

The shirts that you find at Heirloom are designed to endure through the daily wear and tear you put on your clothing, and provide you with a with a variety of options to match with your attractive outfits. By focusing on a more comfortable design that stays fresh and fitting for a long time, we give you the ability to purchase a timeless piece that you can use over and over again.

The world changes and in like manner so does fashion, however, with our high-quality essential shirts, you will always have something to turn to. Whether you use our shirts as essential, foundational or layering shirts, they will never go out of style. If you look to the past or even current trends, you can always find essential or layering shirts being used by all types of women in all different kinds of industries.

Heirloom is not only a valuable object that has been in your family for several generations, but also a company that you can turn to for quality clothing that will transcend time and the generations. For more information or to buy your first Heirloom shirt, check out our line of clothing, today!

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