What is a Camisole Shirt?

15 Aug 2019

When it comes to fashion, women are fortunate to have so many different styles and clothing options. While there are a number of ways to get dressed up or down, you can always utilize a camisole shirt! Everyone should already know what a cami is, but we write this blog to help those who might benefit from knowing more about how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe. However, we’ll first start by breaking down what exactly a camisole shirt is!

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Camisole Shirts

A camisole, also commonly known as a “cami,” is a thin-strapped (or spaghetti strapped) tank top. Although some women prefer to wear them by themselves, they are traditionally used as a woman’s undershirt. You can wear a camisole underneath a low cut top for a little more coverage, as well as to help cover up other areas.

A camisole is a great option to wear because they are going to help you feel confident in your favorite shirts and outfits without feeling like you are wearing tons of bulky clothing. As with all undershirts, camisoles also smoothen out curves, making you feel comfortable and confident!

How You Can Add it to Your Wardrobe

Incorporating a simple camisole shirt into your wardrobe is very easy. If you are new to camisoles, try starting with some neutral colors, like black, white, gray or beige. This way, you can wear them underneath any shirt you own and have it blend in perfectly.

Start by wearing your cami shirt under your favorite blouses, especially the more see-through ones. Camisole shirts also work great underneath blazers, jackets, cardigans or sweaters. Again, with a wide variety of colors, you will find there is a cami that works with any layering look.

During warmer seasons, like right now, you can stay cool by wearing a cami on its own! The summer is the perfect time to try wearing your camisole by itself. Whether you are merely looking to keep cool or you are exercising, camisole shirts are a great standalone choice! A good summer outfit with a standalone cami would include a cute pair of shorts/capris and sandals. If you’re heading to the pool, throw your camisole over your swimsuit and add a pretty skirt or wrap to cover your legs.

You will find that camisoles work with almost any outfit for any occasion, and once you invest in one camisole shirt, you won’t be able to stop buying more. They really are an essential shirt to own and the reason exactly why they have been popular for so many years. To maximize your wardrobe and add some comfort and coverage to your everyday outfits, invest in a few camisole shirts today.

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