What Makes a Good Tank Top?

22 Jul 2019

Tank tops for women are an essential part of any woman’s summer wardrobe, but not all tank tops are the same. You should not settle for a tank that makes you feel uncomfortable and less confident. When purchasing a tank top, you want to be sure you choose a good one, but what makes a good tank top?

At Heirloom, our standpoint is that clothing should be high-quality, and no matter the item, they should be designed properly and fit comfortably. Here is what women’s tank tops should offer you.


There’s nothing worse than wearing clothes that make you wish that you could just get home and change into your nightwear. When looking for a good tank top, you want to make sure that you make comfort a priority. If you can’t go throughout the day without feeling uncomfortable in your new tank top, you’ve probably invested in the wrong top. The best tank tops for women will have a soft-stretch fabric and tag-less design to ensure max comfort.


As you continue to look for good tank tops, another aspect to pay attention to is the design. One flaw in the design could end up ruining the overall comfort of the top. Tank tops for women should provide the wearer with a slim feminine fit; a fit that allows you to stretch, bend and lean with ease. A soft-stretch fabric, mentioned earlier, will also help hold the wearer in without binding them. With a design like this, you won’t find a better tank top.

Proportions and Sizing

There are undoubtedly some tank tops for women out there that come in weird sizes that just don’t seem to make any sense. However, we offer our customers a sizing chart to help them find the right tank top. There are things such as the extra coverage that our smooth neckline and long-length provide that women should be aware of as they try to find the right fit. Additionally, sizing up or sizing down is something to consider based on how you are looking to use your tank top.  Doing these things should help you find the best fitting tank top.

These three things are the most important things to look for when you’re searching for a good tank top. If you’re ready to invest in quality clothing this summer, make sure to check out our selection of tops on our website.

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