What’s Different About Heirloom’s Shirts

28 Jan 2019

As a woman, you deserve to feel comfortable in your clothes. Whether you are on the go or relaxing at home, you want your clothes to fit you right and allow you to feel confident being yourself. Here at Heirloom Clothing, we want your clothes to move with you, which is why our motto is “Stretch, Bend, Lean”. Our line of layering shirts allow women to stretch, bend, lean, sit or move in any way they may need to while still feeling comfortable. This is what makes Heirloom different from other layering shirts out there. Let’s take a closer look at why you should invest in an Heirloom layering shirt.

Tagless Design

A layering shirt is meant for just that — to layer. We know that sometimes you might wear your layering shirt with a sweater or by itself, which is why Heirloom created a tagless design. There is nothing worse than an itchy tag or a tag that always sticks out. With Heirloom’s tagless design, you never have to worry about your tag showing and you don’t have to sacrifice any comfort. In addition, when you wear your layering shirt by itself you won’t see a seam where a tag would be, making it a sleek and simple design.

Good Coverage

Nowadays, it can be difficult to find clothing and shirts that cover everything you want it to. Heirloom’s layering shirts have a higher neckline that gives amazing coverage and looks perfect under low-cut clothing. In addition, they are a longer length to help you cover up low cut pants and skirts. Heirloom’s layering shirts have more of a fitted feel so that they don’t look or feel like a typical loose-fitting T-shirt. A women’s undershirt should be fashion forward but also comfortable, which is exactly what an Heirloom essential shirt is. Our shirts have a neckline that provide the perfect coverage, but aren’t too high that they sacrifice comfort or style.

Quality Fabric and Stitching

Because Heirloom CREATES their own unique fabric, our layering shirts are extremely comfortable. Heirloom shirts are made with a soft yet enduring fabric that stretches with you. When you wash your layering shirt, the fabric will continue to stay fresh, giving you a long-lasting and comfortable undershirt.

Not only do Heirloom shirts have amazing fabric, but they also have quality stitching that won’t come apart or unravel. Heirloom knows you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality when buying an affordable item of clothing. You never have to worry about your shirt tearing or unraveling, as well as loose threads hanging out.

Not convinced you should buy an Heirloom layering shirt yet? Heirloom’s layering shirts are a timeless piece of clothing that go with any outfit and won’t go out of style, making them last throughout the different trends. They can be dressed up or down, worn for a night out or running errands during the day. No matter where or how you wear your layering shirt, you will feel comfortable and fashionable — most importantly, you will be able to stretch, bend and lean.


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