Why a Black T-Shirt is the Most Essential Piece in Your Wardrobe

15 Oct 2019

At Heirloom, we believe everyone needs a go-to black t-shirt hanging in their closet. It’s one of the first pieces you should buy when creating a wardrobe since it can be worn with almost anything. A black layering tee can help you create more outfits with the clothes you already have.   

layering tees


Black is always in style, no matter the season! Trying to create a classy, edgy, or modern look? A black shirt is the perfect starting point in any outfit. You never have to worry about matching because it goes with just about anything! Own a bright pair of fuchsia heels or some yellow accessories that don’t look good with any other outfits? Black is perfect for those tricky colors in your wardrobe! A black layering tee is super easy to layer with jackets or sweaters and goes excellent with cute patterned bottoms, a colorful cardigan, or just all black if your feeling edgy. Another way to create interest in an all-black outfit is to wear different fabrics. For instance, you could wear a black velvet top with a black motorcycle jacket to break up the blacks and create depth. 

Dress Up or Down Anywhere

The modern woman is busy. She doesn’t always have time to run home and change before dinner with the girls. That’s why the perfect black shirt is a must for anyone who needs to attend an event after work! Black clothing already looks professional, expensive, and appropriate for any occasion. Try wearing a black layering tee with a pencil skirt, work style heels, and a blazer during the day for the office. After work, you can change your shoes and jacket to something more casual and add some fun accessories for a night out on the town!

Flattering for Everyone

Most people would agree that black is the most universally flattering color out there. It’s essential in everyone's closet since its figure-flattering and slimming on all body types. A black layering tee is flattering on all skin tones and goes with any hair color. If you're ever having a tough time deciding what to wear in the morning, black is always the right choice. And it never goes out of style!

Need to stock up on black t-shirts and essentials? Visit our site today and check out our basic cap sleeve shirt and other layering tees for this upcoming season! Our versatile selection will have everything you need to mix and match your wardrobe and create outfits for any occasion!

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