Why Costco Trusts Us

30 May 2019

When you shop at Costco, you don’t go there for knock-off products that are cheap in terms of quality, but rather because they sell quality foods and goods at inexpensive rates! Similar to Costco, We here at Heirloom Clothing aim to provide women with reliable essential shirts at an affordable price. This is why Costco trust us as one of their main suppliers for in-store layering shirts and women’s undershirts.


As we mentioned, and unlike other grocers that sell clothing and other non-editable products, Costco focuses on quality. Even in their brief description about themselves, they state that they are “dedicated to bringing [their] members the best possible prices on quality, brand-name merchandise.” Just by looking at all the different things that they sell and the overall satisfaction their customers have with shopping at their stores, it’s not hard to see that they deliver on this dedication. As a supplier to Costco, we understand that they trust us because we hold the same sentiment towards quality as they do. For example, being a fully American-based company, Costco doesn’t have to worry about us cutting corners or lowering the quality of our essential / layering shirts.

It is one thing for Costco to trust our business, and as much as we’d like everyone else to trust their good judgment, we know that people usually want to learn things for themselves. Below, we’ll tell you what it is about our quality and our prices that makes us not only a brand that Costco can trust but one that all women can.


When it comes to quality, all of the shirts we manufacture are intended to last longer than your typical shirt. Our shirts are stronger than most others, giving you the ability to wash them again and again without having to worry about them losing their fresh look, feel and fit.

With the best fabrics and a custom design, we are able to promise our customers that they will have the comfort and convenience they want in an essential or layering shirt. Each of our shirts are made with 90% cotton and 10% spandex and give you a flexible fit that doesn’t restrict. In addition, we’ve designed them to have a more convenient length and coverage so that you don’t have to worry about anything as you move around throughout your day. It is these kinds of aspects that make us everything Costco wants for their women’s undershirt and essential shirt sections.


The other factor that contributes to the reason why Costco chooses us as one of their suppliers is our honest affordability. Being a product that manufactures and creates everything domestically, we are able to cut costs on shipping and transportation. Not to mention, we do not take advantage of unaware shoppers with increased prices on products that are unnecessarily high. There is a difference between cheap and affordable, and while others may use cheap material, we use great material and leave them at an affordable price.

Outside of great quality and affordable prices for reliable shirts, our company is all about giving customers a good buying experience from an honest company. Costco has found value in all of these things and we hope that you do too. For more information or to see all of our products, check out our homepage.

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