Why You Need a Long Sleeve Undershirt

20 Jun 2019

During the winter season, there is no end to why a long sleeve shirt used as an undershirt is a good idea but using one for the summer is entirely different. A long sleeve shirt layered under other tops in freezing weather is a no brainer, but doing so in the heat might be too much. However, the sole purpose of using a long sleeve undershirt in the summer should not be for keeping someone warm, rather a variety of other reasons for different circumstances.

Exercising with Long Sleeves

Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, hear this out. When anyone goes to workout, the purpose is to burn calories and get in better shape, and a long sleeve shirt helps fulfill that purpose. You may have seen a few people wearing hoodies or sweats to a gym and thought they are crazy, but in reality, they are simply trying to speed up their calorie burning process. Using a comfortable long sleeve shirt under an exercise top is a good idea for those who are really looking to burn a lot of calories. Now, if you try this, be sure to stay hydrated (especially if you are working out outside) as it will be easier to overheat.


Whether it is a long road trip or a long flight, a long sleeve shirt should always be an option. In both situations, air conditioning is going to be cranked up on high and it will likely get a little chilly. More often than a road trip, flight cabins are notoriously cold for multiple reasons. While airlines offer in-flight blankets, having a jacket with a long sleeve underneath might be more comfortable.

Too Much Sun

Okay, the use of a long sleeve here may not necessarily be as an undershirt, but there is another use for long sleeve undershirts that people may not initially think of during the summer. If you have sensitive or light skin, you may want to consider using a long sleeve to protect your skin from too much sun. In this case, your long sleeve shirt would be used as an over-shirt or coverup used when you go swimming, hiking or gardening for half of the day. Each of these activities involves you staying under the sun for long hours, and sometimes sunscreen just doesn’t cut it. After an hour or two, it is wise to throw on a long sleeve and endure the heat! While the long sleeve would likely be worn over whatever you have on in these situations, a long sleeve shirt, ones that are usually used as an undershirt, will still work great!

The ideas above may be unique, but they are not unconventional. Your long sleeve undershirts can be used for a wide variety of purposes outside of warming yourself up throughout cold winters. If you are in need of a few more long sleeve shirts, check out the selection we offer you, today!


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