Why You Should Stock Up on Long Sleeve Shirts for Fall and Winter Now

06 Sep 2019

As is the case every year, once summer is over, things only get colder. However, fall and winter do not have to be miserable! In fact, there is so much beauty and fun to be had during these seasons! People’s attitudes are deeply connected with their emotions, and when we are uncomfortable, we may not be as happy. With the shift in seasons, if we aren’t prepared, we may find ourselves uncomfortable and unhappy all due to the changing temperature outside.

One of the best ways to stay happy and confident is by making sure you have clothes that will help you feel comfortable! Filling your wardrobe with long sleeve shirts, sweaters, scarfs and other cold-weather apparel can make all the difference for you during the fall and winter. While some women love trying different summer-wardrobe combinations, there can be equal excitement for fall and winter outfits!

Creating Mental Images

Perhaps you can see yourself in some cute jeans, warm boots, cozy gloves, and a throwback sweater with a long sleeve underneath and a scarf wrapped around your neck; or maybe, you see yourself cuddled up in a blanket next to an indoor fire in a boyfriend-sized hoodie! Whatever the look is, visualizing yourself in warm outfits will help you mentally prepare for the cold! Now, creating mental images is not the only way to start preparing for the upcoming fall and winter weather, you can go out and start making purchases early!

Stocking Up Now

The earlier you start shopping for long sleeve shirts and other colder weather clothing, the better. Stocking up now isn’t a good idea just because the prices might rise as the temperature drops, but for two other reasons! The first reason being, by adding long sleeve shirts into your wardrobe now, you’ll be prepared for some of those random, earlier-than-usual cold days. Additionally, you will start getting a better idea of what kind of outfit combinations might be good for you as the seasons change.


The cold is on its way, but you can be prepared! You may not need to start pulling out your coat or start shopping for new jackets, but don’t wait to start looking for long sleeve shirts. Some mornings and evenings even call for a long sleeve shirt right now! The earlier you prepare for the cold, the more comfortable you will be throughout fall and winter!

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