World Kindness Day- We could all use a little kindness

16 Nov 2020

Have you noticed the important trait that society is lacking these days?  Everywhere we look there is contention of some sort.  Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have become the battleground in a vicious war of words.  When you turn on the news, it's rarely anything positive.  

Today, it's up to each of us to change that!  Why today?  Because every November 13th is World Kindness Day! Today is the perfect day to throw kindness around like it's confetti!  

Make it a point to spend time focusing on Random Acts of Kindness.  It doesn't have to be anything big.  Something as simple as holding the elevator for a coworker,  giving an unexpected compliment, or slowing down instead of speeding up when someone wants to merge into your lane.  It's all about the little things!  Imagine how different the world would be if everyone just focused on seemingly insignificant acts of kindness!  

And, remember, as Aesop said, "No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted."  Let's all focus on being kind and see what happens!

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