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Martha Washington: The Original Fashion Icon

15, Feb, 16



Being that it is President’s day, it only seems appropriate to mention the original first lady. Most would assume that the fashion sense of the 1700’s is no more; however that is not the case. While women typically do not wear a dress every single day, we have stolen a few ideas from Martha Washington’s closet.

1700s layering fashion for womenLayering. It was a must in the 1700’s as modesty was a high priority. The sheer amount of clothing that these women wore on a daily basis was remarkable: bodices, skirts, petticoats, ruffled sleeves, and even their own version of a corset (called a stay). Now, layering in the modern sense isn’t nearly as intricate, but it is a great technique to stay warm (especially in our base Utah), and stylish.

Women of the 21st century move toward a more stylish form of layering that shows off the natural curves of a woman while still providing warmth and style. Scarves, ponchos, vests, and even layered shirts, like the ones here on Heirloom, are all staples for a fashionable layered outfit of today. It is even becoming trendy to put a lace skirt under a dress to make it appear fuller and longer, similar to Martha Washington and the style of the 1700’s.

So this President’s Day while you are getting dressed and putting on your layers, even if it is simply a shirt with a sweater, remember to thank our first trend setter, Martha Washington!





Top Fashion Myths Debunked

10, Feb, 16


Keeping up with fashion trends can become a full time job if you let it. Styles and trends are ever evolving, but there are certain fashion dos and don’ts that persist every generation. But which ones are legit and which are myths? Here, we debunk some of the most common fashion myths to help you expand your wardrobe and fashion sense with even more confidence.

Myth #1 - No White After Labor Day

no white after labor day, myth debunkedIn the early 1900s, people often retreated to country cottages to escape the summer heat of the city. They also put aside their traditional fashion sense and opted for white, cooler clothing between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Once Labor Day arrived, marking the end of summer, the white attires were stored away as everyone returned to their everyday clothing. This rule was also considered to be a sign of social status among the higher classes. Yet somehow, the rule that you can’t wear white after Labor Day has endured.


Don’t let anyone tell you differently: you can wear white after Labor Day. In fact, there are many things you can do with the flexible color. White on white is constantly seen on many fashion runways across the globe, and you can also use it with just about any other color, particularly blacks and grays.









Myth #2 - No Horizontal Stripes

horizontal stripes myth debunkedPerhaps you’ve wondered why fashion and apparel brands keep producing articles of clothing with horizontal stripes, especially if horizontal stripes are not supposed to be flattering. The reason you keep seeing shirts, skirts, and dresses with horizontal stripes is because this rule is actually a myth.


The trick is to find the right horizontal stripes to match your body type. If you have a slimmer body type, then small horizontal stripes can give the illusion of curves. If you have a curvy, hourglass body type, then larger stripes with a relaxed fit will be better suited for you.











Myth #3 - Avoid Mismatched Patterns

Some trends have become myths for years, such as no white after Labor Day, but other myths have only recently been debunked. It’s true that mixing patterns was a big no-no within many fashion circles; however, mixing patterns is increasingly becoming more common with each passing year. Stripes and polka dots are just a couple patterns that are frequently being used together to create a new look and ensemble.


Myth #4 - Navy And Black Don’t Match

navy and black don't match myth debunkedIn the past, the two colors were almost too similar to be used together, or the consensus was that they just don’t go together. However, navy and black are frequently used together these days. Both colors are neutral and should be allowed to go with just about anything, including each other. A navy jacket with a black top is especially chic.















To find new ways of mixing and matching your wardrobe, be sure to visit Heirloom Clothing.




Fashion Trends of 2015

25, Jan, 16



Chunky & Sparkly Jewelry
    colorful chunky jewelry
      Chunky jewelry has definitely made its mark in the 2015 fashion trend. Women have been up-scaling simple outfits with all kinds of chunky necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and even hair pieces.





      High Waisted
        high wasted skirt women's fashion

        The high waist has come full circle and is stylish once again with high wasted shorts, pants, and skirts. Pulling the waste of these garments up past the belly button lengthens the look of legs and makes anyone look fantastic.


        The Skinny Scarf
        skinny scarf women's fashion elementsScarves have been a fashion go-to for a few years, but the skinny scarf has revolutionized the types of outfits that are complemented by a scarf. The skinny scarf is small enough that it can add a pop of color or pattern without overtaking the outfit.





          Patterned Tights & Leggings
            brightly colored leggins as a women's fashion trend of 2015From the typical stripes and polka dots, to the elaborate paint spills and animals, tights and leggings are a huge hit in fashion this year. Paired with long sweaters, t-shirt dresses, and boots, leggings and tights were seen all over in 2015.






              overalls as the style of 2015While overalls have never fully gone out of style, there has been a spike in overall fashion usage this year. In 2015, overalls were seen paired with crop tops, blouses, button ups, and more!








                Tennis Shoes

                tennis shoes styleIn 2015, it didn’t seem to matter what outfit was worn, name brand tennis and track shoes were seen as the shoe of choice.










                  fringe purse 2015 stylesPocahontas might have been the first to fringe her wardrobe, but the 2015 fashion folk have taken it back with style.









                    Athletic Clothing

                    athletic clothing as an every day wear for 2015 fashionAthletic clothing has become a new style to wear whether you’re head to work out or just taking a trip to the grocery store. Many companies have even started making specific fashion lines for those that want comfortable yet trendy athletic style clothing.







                      Maxi Dresses

                      maxi skirt 2015 women's fashion styleThough they are simple in style and modest in pattern, these dresses stand out in a crowd. Many have taken to the maxi dress style because of the universal fit and feel. Maxi dresses have a wonderful way of elongating the body and making all body types look great.







                        Shirt Dresses

                        2015 has seen a number of styles that use the shirt dress; whether it is in conjunction with patterned tights or leggings, or worn with a pair of skinny jeans. The shirt dress is both casual and dressy; a style many young professionals are looking for.



                           Long Vests

                          long vest women's fashion trend of 2015Long vests were another way the fashion forwards of 2015 brought a pop of color and a change in texture to their outfit. Many long vests were seen paired with simple outfits.









                            What Do We Expect to See in 2016?

                            So which of these trends do people expect to last through 2016? Which ones will we see die out? And what new trends in clothing, style, and fashion should we expect this year?

                            See-through lace and sheer fabric are forecasted to rise in popularity during 2016.
                            see through lace women's fashion of 2016


                              Ultra low-rise pants have been seen on the 2016 runway, which means that the 2015 trend of a super high waist may be falling to the wayside.

                              Tie Dye is back from the 70s and making a headline in 2016.
                              tie dye dress by heirloom part of women's fashion 2016

                              Monochrome graphics of checkers, stripes, and more are making an appearance in dresses and shirts.