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9 Ways to Empower Your Grandchildren and Help Them See Their Potential

12, Jan, 16

So much is expected from children today; for many of them it seems impossible to keep up. They are expected to be the top of their class, get a prestigious job, get a large paycheck, and have a few creative hobbies. As a grandparent, there are 9 easy ways you can empower your grandchildren to help them see their potential.

cheerful grandmother playing with a small child on the floorUse positive reinforcement. When you focus on your grandchild’s positive behaviors and reward them with praise, it will likely breed more positive behaviors and will empower their self-esteem and decision-making. Even those grandchildren who are a little shyer will appreciate having their positive behaviors acknowledged. Acting as a mirror to reflect positive actions, talents, and qualities helps children see themselves as important, valuable, and able to achieve their dreams.


Teach children their uniqueness is power. Teaching grandchildren to celebrate their uniqueness from a young age can be an essential skill in developing self-confidence. Celebrate their differences and help them to learn how to use their unique qualities to accomplish tasks. When children realize their uniqueness they are enabled to achieve great things, which can become a great asset to them.


Create a drama-free zone. Children learn from observing the world around them. Be a good example to your grandchildren by surrounding yourself with positive people and being positive during tasks and activities—even if you don’t like doing them. Your grandchildren will see your example and learn how to have a positive attitude, surrounding themselves with positive people and activities.  


Share information. Be open with grandchildren and try not to hide information. When you are open with your grandchild, it will build trust and will allow them to have the information to make the best possible decision if a critical situation arises.


Create clear goals. If children know what is expected of them, there is little room for confusion. Set clear goals and objectives that are reasonably attainable for your grandchildren. Setting children up for success will bring self-confidence and the feeling of achievement.


Celebrate success and failure. Create an environment that celebrates both successes and failures.  Failure can brings experience and knowledge. Don’t just celebrate the successes, but celebrate the bravery that it took for the grandchild who took a risk or tried something new.


Teach that it is OK to make mistakes. You have to be willing to allow grandchildren to make mistakes. Although it may be difficult to see them make mistakes, it can be an opportune time to learn.  Discuss with them what they did and how they might have handled things differently in the future to reach a different outcome. Berating a grandchild, who tried something and didn’t succeed, will only stop them from trying new things.


Support a learning environment. Work to make and support a learning environment with your grandchildren. Encourage them to try new things and learn about things that interest them. Try to make education and learning an exciting and worthwhile experience for kids. Be an example for your grandchildren by trying new things or learning something new and sharing what you learned with them.


Take time to do things together. One of the greatest things you can do to empower your grandchildren is to love them. Show your love by spending individual time with them. Taking the time to be with a grandchild one on one will show them how much you care for them and how much you are invested in their success.

    By doing these 9 simple things, you can empower your grandchildren and help them to reach their full potential.


    Different Body Types and How To Feel Great About Yours

    21, Dec, 15



    In a world of ever-changing trends, it’s hard to keep up when the current style doesn’t exactly flatter your own body. While one woman may look SO cute in a form-fitting dress, another may wonder why it doesn’t look quite as flattering on her. The obvious truth of the matter is women are not all built the same. But just because not all women are a size 0, or not all women have voluptuous curves, doesn’t mean a woman cannot be beautiful in her own skin!

    Pinpointing and defining your body type can help you in choosing trendy outfits that are not only in style, but will also highlight the best features of your body. You don’t have to feel like there are no options out there for you because of your figure. Choosing the right clothes for your body will give you the confidence you need to strut your stuff and love your body just the way it is!

    We’ve put together a list of common body types for women. Find out which shape best matches your body type, and discover the many clothing options that flatter your beautiful body.



    If you have a straight body type (ruler or banana), your bust and hips are basically the same size, with your waist being slightly smaller. Over 46% of American women have a straight body shape, making it the most common body type. The key to dressing a straight body type is to dress the top and bottom portions of your body proportionally, while at the same time enhancing your waste.

    Tops: Look for tops that will add curves to your top half and will also create a defined waist.

    Bottoms: Go for skirts and pants that will add curves to your lower half and will help you create an hourglass appearance.

    For more examples click here.


    Oval (apple) body types have a large bust, narrow hips, and a round mid-section. Your buttocks is somewhat flat, but you have beautiful, slender legs. The best way to dress an oval shape is to de-emphasize the midsection, while also creating a well-defined waist. You can achieve this by choosing clothing that adds curves to the lower half of your body and shirts that taper in at the waist to create the illusion of an hourglass figure.

    Tops: Look for tops that taper down to create a more defined waist. Do this by choosing tops that flare at the hips or include vertical details.

    Bottoms: Go for bottoms that minimize the lower half of the body. Choose full skirts and pants with wide legs.

    For more examples click here.



    You have the body type that most women would die for. Your bust and hips are balanced and your waistline is well-defined. To dress an hourglass figure the key is to maintain balance between the top and lower portions of your body while also accentuating the waist.

    Tops: Maintain balance by looking for shirts that emphasize your small waist by wearing form-fitting or belted tops.

    Bottoms: Lucky you! Wear any bottoms you want as long as they balance out the top half.

    For more examples click here.



    A pear body type (triangle) has hips that are larger than the bust area and has a well-defined waist. To balance out your lower half, the key is to add volume to the top of your body, while accentuating the waist in order to create the illusion of a balanced hourglass appearance.

    Tops: Find tops that add volume to your top while accentuating your waist in order to balance out your lower half. Layering and adding visual interest to the top half will draw the eyes upward.

    Bottoms: Look for bottoms that will minimize your lower half such as pants with dark colors and clean lines.

    For more examples click here.


    Inverted Triangle

    If you have broad shoulders that extend beyond your hips, a broad back, and have a generous bust size you have an inverted triangle figure. To dress an inverted triangle you will want to balance your ample upper half with your lean, desirable lower body. Create a defined waist by choosing skirts and pants that will add more curves to your lower lower body to balance out your broad upper half.

    Tops: Pick out tops that will accentuate your waist and will balance your top with your lower half. Look for darker colored tops and tops with banding at the waist.

    Bottoms: Choose bottoms that will emphasize your lower half such as bootcut or wide leg jeans.

    For more examples click here.

    By dressing for your specific body type you can feel and look great in your own skin! Whether you have gorgeous legs, a skinny waist, or a curvaceous upper half, you can show off those parts of your body that you’re the most proud of. Have fun dressing yourself and don’t forget to add the layering basics!


    Fashion Tips For Busy Women

    09, Dec, 15



    busy womenLife gets busy as we all know. We all feel this on a regular basis; dishes pile up in the sink, kids follow you around the house whining the words, “Mom, I’m bored,” nightmare strikes at work and you end up there until after sunset, all these things can make for a busy and tired woman. It is in these exhausted moments that we don’t want to worry about getting dressed, doing our hair, and actually looking good all day.

    There is a solution to these drained and fashion careless moments; the following are a few quick and easy fashion tips that will help you get back on your feet looking great, feeling great, and ready to take on the world….again.


    • Allow For Comfort & Simplicity - When it’s hot out wearing a simple tank top and slacks feels great, so do it! This outfit is an easy one to stay comfortable in AND dress up in a pinch. Simply add a long necklace and some bangles and you’ve got a classy look. When it’s cold outside use a similar style, but instead of a tank top put on a tighter layering shirt and add a long sweater. Once again, you are comfortable and can dress it up quickly with just a long necklace and some bangles.
    • Have The Essentials Handy - The essentials every woman should have in her closet are as follows: jeans that fit great, layering shirts and tank tops, comfortable good-looking shoes, a pair of slacks, and some great jewelry pieces. With these essentials you will be able to put together an outfit in the heat of the moment any day.
    • Choose The Right Shoes - When it comes to comfortable good-looking shoes, remember the following:
        • Rubber flip flops don’t look good on anyone. Granted, they are comfortable, but really they are made for the beach. Skip the flip flops and find some nice looking sandals instead. Grungy tennis shoes, again while comfortable, don’t look great either. Find yourself some canvas shoes instead; they are popular and can be found in a number of colors these days.
    • Add One Bold Accessory - Simple items like a scarf can change an entire outfit and give it some much needed oomph.
    • Add a Pop of Color - On busy days it can be very easy to simply wear a colored t-shirt and jeans. Ready to make this simple outfit even better? Add a pop of color with a bright citrus-colored purse or ballet flats.
    • Use a Quick-Dry Top Coat - Having a nice manicure is high on the fashion priority list these days. But making time to paint your nails is hard enough, let alone giving up the time it takes to fully dry before you can move on to the next task on your list. Get a quick-dry top coat and your life will change! With a true-to-name quick dry, you’ll be able to move on to the next task within a minute of having painted your nails.
    • Rough Days - We all have those mornings where we didn't get enough sleep and our eyes show it, or our hair is a frizzy mess. It is on these days that hats, headbands, and sunglasses are a good quick addition to your outfit.
    • Create A Personal Stylebook - Anytime you put together an outfit you really like, take a quick picture of it with your phone to save for later; this way you can easily repeat the outfit again without spending unnecessary time trying to remember what clothing items you used.
    • Pack Smart - Packing your favorite outfits? Roll all the pieces of an outfit together so they are easily findable when you go to pull out the outfit from your suitcase. This also helps keep the wrinkles away.

    So if you are busy working a 40 hour work week, chasing young kids around the house, or making dinner for visiting grandchildren, remember fashion doesn’t have to be difficult; use these quick and easy tips to keep you looking great all day long.