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What Does Your Smile Say About You?

03, Dec, 15

what a smile can say about youA smile can often make a significant difference in someone’s day. How often does it happen that you are having a rough day and then one of your kids runs by fighting imaginary bad guys with a huge grin on his face and you can’t help but smile back? Doesn’t that immediately brighten your own day? This power of a simple facial expression can convey so many feelings for yourself and those around you. A smile tells others more about you than just simple words, and it can help you feel more confident and happy.


What Do Different Types of Smiles Say to Others?

Body language makes up much of what we actually have to say and smiling is at the forefront of communicating true meaning. A tight-lipped smile may be one of the most common types of smiling because it is one of the easiest to actually execute. But it’s also one of the easiest to fake. This is a smile that we give to just be polite to another person. It can express reservations about a setting, a person or it may just mask your true emotions. It may also just be that you feel self-conscious about your own smile. Whatever the case may be, smiling with only your lips indicates to others you are hiding something.


On the other side of the coin, a full smile with your teeth exposed will show others that you are comfortable around them. It is more inviting and shows that you are genuinely happy with the situation. A large smile says that you are accepting and you will appear honest and trustworthy. It also tells others that you are comfortable with yourself. Studies have also shown that people who smile more often are of high social influence and power.

Smile with Your Eyes

Some people worry about “crow’s feet” or “laugh lines” showing up in their face around the corners of their eyes. But true, genuine smiles make the muscles around your eyes bunch up at the corners. You can’t force those muscles to look happy because it is merely a natural reaction. Your eyes are the gateway to the soul and those corner muscles around your eyes are the gateway to your true emotions. The happier you are, the more genuine smiles you’ll give and people around you will appreciate those laugh lines and see you as a genuine, positive and loving individual.


In the Out

16, Nov, 15

(Submitted by Heidi, a loyal Heirloom customer)


Clutching the steering wheel along 1-15, I wondered; yet again, why I was out in this snow turning ice storm.  The cars off the sides of the road were a harsh reminder of the conditions I had willingly chosen to risk my life . . . all for the sake of a dozen crispy crème doughnuts.


I had to have them!  So drive I did, through wind and snow and ice!   As the University Parkway exit appeared, I was happily relieved to learn my journey was almost over.  I inched up the road to where the Crispy Crème store was perched as a beacon on the hill.  Never was I so glad to turn into a parking lot.  Never was I so grateful to have arrived at a destination safely.  And never was I so confused when I pulled up to the drive in window and wondered why they put the drive through window on the passenger’s side of the car!?


The puzzled look on the Crispy Crème employee’s face verified the fact, that I was not the only person confused . . . “Aaaah maam,” he stammered, but before he could complete his sentence, I realized what happened!  I had driven up to the drive thru window . . . from the exit!   I had driven in the out!  ARGH!  I was mortified, embarrassed and in a total stupor of thought as what to do next!


“If I hurry to get your order, then it’s possible that another car won’t arrive and hit you head on.”  He said.  What a calming thought, I reflected, trying to figure out how I could explain this predicament to my hubby . . .  so I carefully inched my way backwards down the drive thru, flipped a U-ie in the parking lot . . . and headed home . . . but not before I grabbed my dozen doughnuts.  This time the drive thru window magically appeared on the driver’s side of the car.   My father always said, “Things are easier if you do them right the first time.”  But then, you don’t have a story to tell.