5 Reasons to Wear Basic Layering T-Shirts


5 Reasons to Wear Basic Layering T-Shirts


Jordan Page of FunCheaporFree fame shares 5 reasons why she wears a basic layering shirt every day.  Here we go!


1.  Length:  Layering shirts are great to keep you covered up and give you confidence when you are stretching, bending or leaning.  As Jordan says, "All day long I'm just battling my love handles, or my bum crack or my undies or whatever it is hanging out of my shirt...nobody wants to see that...nobody!".


2.  Coverage:  Properly cut layering shirts give coverage for those necklines that are just simply too low for comfort.  They allow you to take today's styles and wear them confidently knowing that you are covered up.


3.  Eliminate Transparency:  Layering shirts made out of quality fabrics will provide a base to wear sheer shirts and will cover up bra colors and skin.  Jordan offers insight to this issue with these words: "Any shirt that is sheer, see through, light weight, flowy...use a layering shirt as a bottom layer so that it hides your bra and skin from the world, but doesn't detract from the cute design and detail of the shirt that you're wearing."


4.  Smooth Things Out:  Wearing a well made layering shirt will help to smooth out "lady lumps and bumps", which we all have!  It helps cover up those areas of your body that you don't want exposed and gives you a classic feminine look.  By smoothing and covering you up, you'll be more confident in your everyday life.


5.  Cleans up the Bulk:  By wearing a fitted layering shirt under a bulky item such as a vest or heavy cardigan, it will give you a clean flattering look.  


    So there you go!  5 reasons why wearing a basic layering shirt every day will make a difference in how you feel about your wardrobe and your look.  So go ahead and stretch, bend and lean as your layering shirt has you covered!



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