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Make This Your Best Family Photo Yet

22 Sep 2016

It’s that time again: family photos are just around the corner. You are tired of your bad haircut, stretched-out sweater, and forced smile hanging on your living room wall. This time, you are determined to look flawless and we’re here to help. These are our fail-safe tips and tricks for picking an outfit for a breezy photo session and a family photo you’ll be proud to hang on your wall.



Put Your Smile At Ease

Heirloom model showing off her great smile

Smiling for an hour can be uncomfortable as it is, but wearing a restrictive outfit can make the experience unbearable. Put your smile at ease and find a comfortable t-shirt made from a soft-stretch fabric. Going with a comfortable t-shirt for family pictures will make for a pleasant experience and give you the chance to focus on flashing your pearly whites.



Live With No Regrets

heirloom model showing off how a basic tshirt is great for photos

We all have that one family photo where our outfit makes us cringe and ask, “What was I thinking?” Skip the embarrassment this time and wear a plain t-shirt. If you think a plain t-shirt is boring, switch it up with a plain cap sleeve shirt or a ¾ sleeve shirt. You will never look back and regret the simplicity of a plain t-shirt and guess what? They never go out of style.


Make No Mistake

heirloom model showing how a long tank top is great for wearing during pictures

You never know what pose the photographer will have you do, and how your clothes may react. Try wearing a long tank top under the outfit during your family photo session. Layering a long tank top under an outfit is a sure way to prevent any embarrassing moments that may come from a wardrobe malfunction.


Now you’re ready for your next family photo session. With these tips you are sure to enjoy the experience, and love the way you look for years to come.



What is Happiness and How Do We Achieve it?

13 Sep 2016

two friends smilingly happily together on the hood of a truck

Happiness can be elusive, distant, and hard to define. But it doesn’t have to be. Some guidance and a little concentrated effort can help you truly understand what happiness is and how to be happy in the moment.


Live in the Present


“True happiness is...to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future.”

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

“I’ll be happy when…” Fill in the blank; I am skinnier, when I am married, when I move away, when I make a new friend. Sound familiar? This world is a beautiful smattering of experiences and opportunities. There are so many places to see, so many people to meet, incredible things to learn and understand. By dwelling in the past, or deciding to be happy in the future, you may be distracting yourself from your present.

Try taking a walk one day and really looking around you. Drive somewhere and don’t use GPS for 30 minutes; just drive and see where you go.  Talk to a stranger and really listen to them. Be where you are today.


Show Gratitude


“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Gratitude is one of the best ways to focus on what is going well in life; then project that joy outward. Noticing things to be grateful for has a snowball effect. Finding the first five things might be hard, but the next five will be easier, and the five after that easier still. Expressing that gratitude to the people around you has a marvelously uplifting effect, not just on you, but on them as well. You will feel joy knowing that you were able to brighten someone else’s day too.  


Treat Yourself


Lucille Ball quote

Science can actually back us up on this one. Many studies dealing with SWLS (Satisfied With Life Scale) report that regular small pleasures have a greater impact on happiness than fewer large ones. So go for it, treat yo’ self. As the wise Lucille says in this quote, you will only be truly effective in this world if you love yourself, which sometimes means an ice cream cone in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon.





Endorphins are real and they are effective. The amount of research that links exercise to mood improvement is staggering and indisputable. But not only does it help your mood, exercise has been shown to improve self-image, confidence, and productivity in other areas. It may be the worst 20 minutes of your day, but that 20 minutes will absolutely improve the other 23 hours and 40 minutes. Find an exercise that you can handle and stick to it.



Develop Meaningful Relationships


“There is simply no pill that can replace human connection. There is no pharmacy that can fill the need for compassionate interaction with others. There is no panacea. The answer to human suffering is both within us and between us.”

― Dr. Joanne Cacciatore


The connections you make could come from anywhere, but maybe start in your home. Develop or renew the relationships you have with your family members. Ask them questions, do things that they like to do, learn new things together. Open up about your fears and uncertainties. Reach out to old friends and tell them you miss them. The vulnerability in this tip could be scary, but the joy you will feel after will be sure to motivate you to continue developing relationships actively.

As a final note, it is important to remember that sometimes it is okay to not be happy. Sadness, frustration, and loneliness are real and powerful emotions that can teach, motivate, and help you to feel compassion. But you shouldn’t feel them always. If you feel overly depressed, anxious, or worried and have been for an extended period of time, it may be time to get professional help.

You deserve to be happy and we hope that these simple tips can help you to feel joy more often. Live well and enjoy life!


Wearing White after Labor Day: Why and How

07 Sep 2016

Have you ever wondered about the phrase, “Don’t wear white after Labor Day?” Well, today is your lucky day. Not only do we know the origin of that  divisive idiom, but we also have some modern and timeless ideas on how to navigate it.


The History

It would seem that since the dawning of our fine country, New York City has been the epicenter of women’s fashion and fashion rules. The wealthy elite in the city had the money and the power to dictate the height of fashion for the entire country, and they did so with gusto. The white after Labor Day rule came directly from these fashion elites in the early 1900s.

It would seem that this particular dictation had its roots in practicality--in the frigid winter months in Manhattan, coal was used to heat most homes and businesses. The ashes would float through the city, and land on people’s clothes, staining light colored items with dark ashy marks. Hence, no white after Labor Day, because it was then that the weather would start to change.

They took it one step further though by wearing only white in the summer. To escape the summer heat in the city, the wealthy would flock to the Hamptons, the surrounding beaches, and the mountains to enjoy the cool beach air. Not only were white clothes more practical and cooler, their entire wardrobe shift distinguished the American aristocracy from the rest.

And thus we have one of the most well-known fashion rules in the books. The real question now is, how much should you care about that rule? And what are some ways to break it tastefully? We’ve got you covered. Here are 3 of our tried and true tips.




heirloom model wearing an olive vest over a white long sleeve shirt

Add your favorite white winter vest to any outfit to warm up on those chilly days. Or flip the outfit inside out and wear a white shirt and spice it up with a colorful vest. Either way, the white of either the vest or the shirt makes a great combination for a snowy winter.




an heirloom model wearing a white cardigan

Cardigans are a jacket’s little sister. They can be cozy and comfy, structured and professional, trendy or timeless. Cardigans are a winter staple, so we recommend having a couple of different colors available to go with everything. Light greys, creams, and whites, are ultra versatile and go with almost any wardrobe. Invest in a cardigan or two that you really love; cute women’s clothes should be fun to wear, and easy to implement.



Layering Ts

Our specialty. A white shirt below a black jacket, a light grey long sleeve below a big navy scarf, a cream tank below a cranberry dress with a deep V neck. The possibilities here are endless, and so many of them include light and even white pieces. No need to be afraid of color in the winter, use it to spruce up the winter darks. Layering T’s are also a great way to stay on top of trendy clothes for women. While the trends may change, your timeless layering T’s will make sure your look is signature, no matter what the season.


We hope these tips helped! The real deal about whites after Labor Day is this: wear what is comfortable, convenient, and suits your style no matter what the season. Dress to suit you and never an old rule. We hope your winter wardrobe is perfectly colorful this year.

Happy shopping!




Learning to Laugh at Yourself

20 Jun 2016



Sometimes it is good to have a laugh at your own expense. We all find ourselves in sticky situations; we have all tripped up the stairs, or spilled food on our clothes, but instead of getting frustrated or flustered, laugh it off. By laughing, you show that you recognize the humor in life and that you have confidence in yourself.

the heirloom clothing girls laughing together



Make Life Easier

Having a good sense of humor can make life’s mistakes and difficulties easier to deal with. Laughing keeps you in a good mood instead of letting the situation turn a day sour. When you laugh, people laugh with you. It is easier to respect and love those who recognize their own faults and handle their mishaps with grace.


Health Benefits of Laughing

Laughing also has a number of good health benefits; it diffuses stress, strengthens the immune system, lowers heart rate and blood pressure, it boosts self-esteem, and increases your confidence. Laughing promotes spontaneity, it allows you to see different perspectives and look beyond the surface of the situation to see the big picture, instead of focusing on negative aspects of your life.


Teach Your Kids

And when you laugh at yourself when you make a mistake, you help your children learn to laugh at themselves too. They will see your example and learn that it is better to laugh than to get upset.


laughing together

Helping your kids learn to laugh at themselves at a young age will help them become smarter, healthier, and better able to handle life’s unexpected challenges. It will help them develop better social skills too.

So next time you button your shirt up the wrong way, just laugh. None of us is perfect, so you don’t have to pretend to be.


Adding the Perfect Accent

25 May 2016

Your alarm goes off at 6:30am and without a second thought you immediately hit snooze on your phone. Sure enough three snooze rounds later, you instantly pop up and realize you have 30 minutes to take a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, and get out the door. Does this sound familiar at all?


In the rush of getting ready you tend to wear the same five outfits week after week.Your co-workers start suggesting a shopping trip and suddenly stop complimenting you on the same cute blouse you’ve worn for the third Wednesday in a row. Let’s face it, resisting the temptation to actually get out of bed the first time your alarm goes off is inevitable. Here are a few quick solutions to mix up your wardrobe in the morning!



yellow heirloom extra long tank topOur layering tanks are the perfect way to transform an outfit. With summer just around the corner, a pop of color is an easy way to give your old Wednesday outfit a brand new look. Having several colorful layering tanks on hand is an easy way to spice up the classic pieces in your wardrobe. By pairing your simple, grey work blazer with a summer basic tank, you can easily turn a winter staple into a summer favorite. A basic tank is easy to grab in the morning and doesn’t take up a lot of closet space. Add a necklace or knit scarf, and you suddenly have a completely different outfit!


Our extra-long camisole is a great accent to any summer blouse or lightweight sweater. Lose your heavy winter coats and thick, chunky sweaters. Now is the time to let this bottom later show! Instead of using a cami just for utility with a low cut dress or short blouse, use a cami to bring a little color to your outfit. Camis are flexible pieces that will not only keep you comfortable this summer, but will also help you feel like you’re dressing for the season!



light cardigan at heirloom clothingA light textured cardigan will be your best friend this summer. Weather you are in a cold office, or playing outside on a breezy day, you can’t go wrong by having a couple go-to sweaters on hand. A good neutral sweater will compliment any colorful layering tee and/or blouse, all summer long.





Collecting a few essential basics will help you accent your wardrobe and bring life to the same old outfits you’ve been wearing for months now. Go ahead and hit snooze!



Happy 11th Birthday, Kerilyn!

23 Feb 2016

Kerilyn Johnson's leap day birthday

It is not everyday you meet a mom whose kids are all almost older than her! One of Heirloom’s models, Kerilyn Johnson, will finally turn 11 this leap year after putting up with teasing from friends and family that she’s only been 10 for the last four years.

The biggest question people ask Kerilyn is what day she celebrates her birthday on the years that there is no February 29th. In the first grade there was a boy who had a crush on Kerilyn whose birthday was on March 1st. Since Kerilyn didn’t not reciprocate his love, she was adamant about celebrating her birthday on February 28th. But, by the time Kerilyn was in college, she learned how to work the system and one year had three different boys take her out on her “birthday.” She told one boy she celebrated her birthday on February 28th, another boy March 1st, and continued that pattern all week long making the most of her birthday week. She even received a couple dozen roses from all her dates!

When it is not Kerilyn’s quadrennial birthday, her husband usually teases her by saying, “You don’t get a birthday this year!” and her kids typically jump in on the joke. This year, however, they have no reason to give her a hard time. She says most people remember her leap year birthday and she receives a lot of calls, cards, and gifts to makeup for the years her actual birthday was skipped over.

Kerilyn is also a talented actress and singer, having performed with several other accomplished artists like Alex Boye and the Piano Guys. She loves kickboxing, yoga, and claims she is really good at embarrassing herself. She started modeling with Heirloom last summer and was sold when everything she put on was so comfortable and cute. Check out Kerilyn’s favorite birthday outfit right here.

When Kerilyn turns 12 in another four years, her fifth child will be 13 and Kerilyn will officially be the youngest in her family. No matter how old, Kerilyn will continue to make the most of her leap year birthday!


Martha Washington: The Original Fashion Icon

15 Feb 2016



Being that it is President’s day, it only seems appropriate to mention the original first lady. Most would assume that the fashion sense of the 1700’s is no more; however that is not the case. While women typically do not wear a dress every single day, we have stolen a few ideas from Martha Washington’s closet.

1700s layering fashion for womenLayering. It was a must in the 1700’s as modesty was a high priority. The sheer amount of clothing that these women wore on a daily basis was remarkable: bodices, skirts, petticoats, ruffled sleeves, and even their own version of a corset (called a stay). Now, layering in the modern sense isn’t nearly as intricate, but it is a great technique to stay warm (especially in our base Utah), and stylish.

Women of the 21st century move toward a more stylish form of layering that shows off the natural curves of a woman while still providing warmth and style. Scarves, ponchos, vests, and even layered shirts, like the ones here on Heirloom, are all staples for a fashionable layered outfit of today. It is even becoming trendy to put a lace skirt under a dress to make it appear fuller and longer, similar to Martha Washington and the style of the 1700’s.

So this President’s Day while you are getting dressed and putting on your layers, even if it is simply a shirt with a sweater, remember to thank our first trend setter, Martha Washington!





Top Fashion Myths Debunked

10 Feb 2016


Keeping up with fashion trends can become a full time job if you let it. Styles and trends are ever evolving, but there are certain fashion dos and don’ts that persist every generation. But which ones are legit and which are myths? Here, we debunk some of the most common fashion myths to help you expand your wardrobe and fashion sense with even more confidence.

Myth #1 - No White After Labor Day

no white after labor day, myth debunkedIn the early 1900s, people often retreated to country cottages to escape the summer heat of the city. They also put aside their traditional fashion sense and opted for white, cooler clothing between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Once Labor Day arrived, marking the end of summer, the white attires were stored away as everyone returned to their everyday clothing. This rule was also considered to be a sign of social status among the higher classes. Yet somehow, the rule that you can’t wear white after Labor Day has endured.


Don’t let anyone tell you differently: you can wear white after Labor Day. In fact, there are many things you can do with the flexible color. White on white is constantly seen on many fashion runways across the globe, and you can also use it with just about any other color, particularly blacks and grays.









Myth #2 - No Horizontal Stripes

horizontal stripes myth debunkedPerhaps you’ve wondered why fashion and apparel brands keep producing articles of clothing with horizontal stripes, especially if horizontal stripes are not supposed to be flattering. The reason you keep seeing shirts, skirts, and dresses with horizontal stripes is because this rule is actually a myth.


The trick is to find the right horizontal stripes to match your body type. If you have a slimmer body type, then small horizontal stripes can give the illusion of curves. If you have a curvy, hourglass body type, then larger stripes with a relaxed fit will be better suited for you.











Myth #3 - Avoid Mismatched Patterns

Some trends have become myths for years, such as no white after Labor Day, but other myths have only recently been debunked. It’s true that mixing patterns was a big no-no within many fashion circles; however, mixing patterns is increasingly becoming more common with each passing year. Stripes and polka dots are just a couple patterns that are frequently being used together to create a new look and ensemble.


Myth #4 - Navy And Black Don’t Match

navy and black don't match myth debunkedIn the past, the two colors were almost too similar to be used together, or the consensus was that they just don’t go together. However, navy and black are frequently used together these days. Both colors are neutral and should be allowed to go with just about anything, including each other. A navy jacket with a black top is especially chic.















To find new ways of mixing and matching your wardrobe, be sure to visit Heirloom Clothing.




Fashion Trends of 2015

25 Jan 2016



Chunky & Sparkly Jewelry
    colorful chunky jewelry
      Chunky jewelry has definitely made its mark in the 2015 fashion trend. Women have been up-scaling simple outfits with all kinds of chunky necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and even hair pieces.





      High Waisted
        high wasted skirt women's fashion

        The high waist has come full circle and is stylish once again with high wasted shorts, pants, and skirts. Pulling the waste of these garments up past the belly button lengthens the look of legs and makes anyone look fantastic.


        The Skinny Scarf
        skinny scarf women's fashion elementsScarves have been a fashion go-to for a few years, but the skinny scarf has revolutionized the types of outfits that are complemented by a scarf. The skinny scarf is small enough that it can add a pop of color or pattern without overtaking the outfit.





          Patterned Tights & Leggings
            brightly colored leggins as a women's fashion trend of 2015From the typical stripes and polka dots, to the elaborate paint spills and animals, tights and leggings are a huge hit in fashion this year. Paired with long sweaters, t-shirt dresses, and boots, leggings and tights were seen all over in 2015.






              overalls as the style of 2015While overalls have never fully gone out of style, there has been a spike in overall fashion usage this year. In 2015, overalls were seen paired with crop tops, blouses, button ups, and more!








                Tennis Shoes

                tennis shoes styleIn 2015, it didn’t seem to matter what outfit was worn, name brand tennis and track shoes were seen as the shoe of choice.










                  fringe purse 2015 stylesPocahontas might have been the first to fringe her wardrobe, but the 2015 fashion folk have taken it back with style.









                    Athletic Clothing

                    athletic clothing as an every day wear for 2015 fashionAthletic clothing has become a new style to wear whether you’re head to work out or just taking a trip to the grocery store. Many companies have even started making specific fashion lines for those that want comfortable yet trendy athletic style clothing.







                      Maxi Dresses

                      maxi skirt 2015 women's fashion styleThough they are simple in style and modest in pattern, these dresses stand out in a crowd. Many have taken to the maxi dress style because of the universal fit and feel. Maxi dresses have a wonderful way of elongating the body and making all body types look great.







                        Shirt Dresses

                        2015 has seen a number of styles that use the shirt dress; whether it is in conjunction with patterned tights or leggings, or worn with a pair of skinny jeans. The shirt dress is both casual and dressy; a style many young professionals are looking for.



                           Long Vests

                          long vest women's fashion trend of 2015Long vests were another way the fashion forwards of 2015 brought a pop of color and a change in texture to their outfit. Many long vests were seen paired with simple outfits.









                            What Do We Expect to See in 2016?

                            So which of these trends do people expect to last through 2016? Which ones will we see die out? And what new trends in clothing, style, and fashion should we expect this year?

                            See-through lace and sheer fabric are forecasted to rise in popularity during 2016.
                            see through lace women's fashion of 2016


                              Ultra low-rise pants have been seen on the 2016 runway, which means that the 2015 trend of a super high waist may be falling to the wayside.

                              Tie Dye is back from the 70s and making a headline in 2016.
                              tie dye dress by heirloom part of women's fashion 2016

                              Monochrome graphics of checkers, stripes, and more are making an appearance in dresses and shirts.


                              9 Ways to Empower Your Grandchildren and Help Them See Their Potential

                              12 Jan 2016

                              So much is expected from children today; for many of them it seems impossible to keep up. They are expected to be the top of their class, get a prestigious job, get a large paycheck, and have a few creative hobbies. As a grandparent, there are 9 easy ways you can empower your grandchildren to help them see their potential.

                              cheerful grandmother playing with a small child on the floorUse positive reinforcement. When you focus on your grandchild’s positive behaviors and reward them with praise, it will likely breed more positive behaviors and will empower their self-esteem and decision-making. Even those grandchildren who are a little shyer will appreciate having their positive behaviors acknowledged. Acting as a mirror to reflect positive actions, talents, and qualities helps children see themselves as important, valuable, and able to achieve their dreams.


                              Teach children their uniqueness is power. Teaching grandchildren to celebrate their uniqueness from a young age can be an essential skill in developing self-confidence. Celebrate their differences and help them to learn how to use their unique qualities to accomplish tasks. When children realize their uniqueness they are enabled to achieve great things, which can become a great asset to them.


                              Create a drama-free zone. Children learn from observing the world around them. Be a good example to your grandchildren by surrounding yourself with positive people and being positive during tasks and activities—even if you don’t like doing them. Your grandchildren will see your example and learn how to have a positive attitude, surrounding themselves with positive people and activities.  


                              Share information. Be open with grandchildren and try not to hide information. When you are open with your grandchild, it will build trust and will allow them to have the information to make the best possible decision if a critical situation arises.


                              Create clear goals. If children know what is expected of them, there is little room for confusion. Set clear goals and objectives that are reasonably attainable for your grandchildren. Setting children up for success will bring self-confidence and the feeling of achievement.


                              Celebrate success and failure. Create an environment that celebrates both successes and failures.  Failure can brings experience and knowledge. Don’t just celebrate the successes, but celebrate the bravery that it took for the grandchild who took a risk or tried something new.


                              Teach that it is OK to make mistakes. You have to be willing to allow grandchildren to make mistakes. Although it may be difficult to see them make mistakes, it can be an opportune time to learn.  Discuss with them what they did and how they might have handled things differently in the future to reach a different outcome. Berating a grandchild, who tried something and didn’t succeed, will only stop them from trying new things.


                              Support a learning environment. Work to make and support a learning environment with your grandchildren. Encourage them to try new things and learn about things that interest them. Try to make education and learning an exciting and worthwhile experience for kids. Be an example for your grandchildren by trying new things or learning something new and sharing what you learned with them.


                              Take time to do things together. One of the greatest things you can do to empower your grandchildren is to love them. Show your love by spending individual time with them. Taking the time to be with a grandchild one on one will show them how much you care for them and how much you are invested in their success.

                                By doing these 9 simple things, you can empower your grandchildren and help them to reach their full potential.


                                Different Body Types and How To Feel Great About Yours

                                21 Dec 2015



                                In a world of ever-changing trends, it’s hard to keep up when the current style doesn’t exactly flatter your own body. While one woman may look SO cute in a form-fitting dress, another may wonder why it doesn’t look quite as flattering on her. The obvious truth of the matter is women are not all built the same. But just because not all women are a size 0, or not all women have voluptuous curves, doesn’t mean a woman cannot be beautiful in her own skin!

                                Pinpointing and defining your body type can help you in choosing trendy outfits that are not only in style, but will also highlight the best features of your body. You don’t have to feel like there are no options out there for you because of your figure. Choosing the right clothes for your body will give you the confidence you need to strut your stuff and love your body just the way it is!

                                We’ve put together a list of common body types for women. Find out which shape best matches your body type, and discover the many clothing options that flatter your beautiful body.



                                If you have a straight body type (ruler or banana), your bust and hips are basically the same size, with your waist being slightly smaller. Over 46% of American women have a straight body shape, making it the most common body type. The key to dressing a straight body type is to dress the top and bottom portions of your body proportionally, while at the same time enhancing your waste.

                                Tops: Look for tops that will add curves to your top half and will also create a defined waist.

                                Bottoms: Go for skirts and pants that will add curves to your lower half and will help you create an hourglass appearance.

                                For more examples click here.


                                Oval (apple) body types have a large bust, narrow hips, and a round mid-section. Your buttocks is somewhat flat, but you have beautiful, slender legs. The best way to dress an oval shape is to de-emphasize the midsection, while also creating a well-defined waist. You can achieve this by choosing clothing that adds curves to the lower half of your body and shirts that taper in at the waist to create the illusion of an hourglass figure.

                                Tops: Look for tops that taper down to create a more defined waist. Do this by choosing tops that flare at the hips or include vertical details.

                                Bottoms: Go for bottoms that minimize the lower half of the body. Choose full skirts and pants with wide legs.

                                For more examples click here.



                                You have the body type that most women would die for. Your bust and hips are balanced and your waistline is well-defined. To dress an hourglass figure the key is to maintain balance between the top and lower portions of your body while also accentuating the waist.

                                Tops: Maintain balance by looking for shirts that emphasize your small waist by wearing form-fitting or belted tops.

                                Bottoms: Lucky you! Wear any bottoms you want as long as they balance out the top half.

                                For more examples click here.



                                A pear body type (triangle) has hips that are larger than the bust area and has a well-defined waist. To balance out your lower half, the key is to add volume to the top of your body, while accentuating the waist in order to create the illusion of a balanced hourglass appearance.

                                Tops: Find tops that add volume to your top while accentuating your waist in order to balance out your lower half. Layering and adding visual interest to the top half will draw the eyes upward.

                                Bottoms: Look for bottoms that will minimize your lower half such as pants with dark colors and clean lines.

                                For more examples click here.


                                Inverted Triangle

                                If you have broad shoulders that extend beyond your hips, a broad back, and have a generous bust size you have an inverted triangle figure. To dress an inverted triangle you will want to balance your ample upper half with your lean, desirable lower body. Create a defined waist by choosing skirts and pants that will add more curves to your lower lower body to balance out your broad upper half.

                                Tops: Pick out tops that will accentuate your waist and will balance your top with your lower half. Look for darker colored tops and tops with banding at the waist.

                                Bottoms: Choose bottoms that will emphasize your lower half such as bootcut or wide leg jeans.

                                For more examples click here.

                                By dressing for your specific body type you can feel and look great in your own skin! Whether you have gorgeous legs, a skinny waist, or a curvaceous upper half, you can show off those parts of your body that you’re the most proud of. Have fun dressing yourself and don’t forget to add the layering basics!


                                Fashion Tips For Busy Women

                                09 Dec 2015



                                busy womenLife gets busy as we all know. We all feel this on a regular basis; dishes pile up in the sink, kids follow you around the house whining the words, “Mom, I’m bored,” nightmare strikes at work and you end up there until after sunset, all these things can make for a busy and tired woman. It is in these exhausted moments that we don’t want to worry about getting dressed, doing our hair, and actually looking good all day.

                                There is a solution to these drained and fashion careless moments; the following are a few quick and easy fashion tips that will help you get back on your feet looking great, feeling great, and ready to take on the world….again.


                                • Allow For Comfort & Simplicity - When it’s hot out wearing a simple tank top and slacks feels great, so do it! This outfit is an easy one to stay comfortable in AND dress up in a pinch. Simply add a long necklace and some bangles and you’ve got a classy look. When it’s cold outside use a similar style, but instead of a tank top put on a tighter layering shirt and add a long sweater. Once again, you are comfortable and can dress it up quickly with just a long necklace and some bangles.
                                • Have The Essentials Handy - The essentials every woman should have in her closet are as follows: jeans that fit great, layering shirts and tank tops, comfortable good-looking shoes, a pair of slacks, and some great jewelry pieces. With these essentials you will be able to put together an outfit in the heat of the moment any day.
                                • Choose The Right Shoes - When it comes to comfortable good-looking shoes, remember the following:
                                    • Rubber flip flops don’t look good on anyone. Granted, they are comfortable, but really they are made for the beach. Skip the flip flops and find some nice looking sandals instead. Grungy tennis shoes, again while comfortable, don’t look great either. Find yourself some canvas shoes instead; they are popular and can be found in a number of colors these days.
                                • Add One Bold Accessory - Simple items like a scarf can change an entire outfit and give it some much needed oomph.
                                • Add a Pop of Color - On busy days it can be very easy to simply wear a colored t-shirt and jeans. Ready to make this simple outfit even better? Add a pop of color with a bright citrus-colored purse or ballet flats.
                                • Use a Quick-Dry Top Coat - Having a nice manicure is high on the fashion priority list these days. But making time to paint your nails is hard enough, let alone giving up the time it takes to fully dry before you can move on to the next task on your list. Get a quick-dry top coat and your life will change! With a true-to-name quick dry, you’ll be able to move on to the next task within a minute of having painted your nails.
                                • Rough Days - We all have those mornings where we didn't get enough sleep and our eyes show it, or our hair is a frizzy mess. It is on these days that hats, headbands, and sunglasses are a good quick addition to your outfit.
                                • Create A Personal Stylebook - Anytime you put together an outfit you really like, take a quick picture of it with your phone to save for later; this way you can easily repeat the outfit again without spending unnecessary time trying to remember what clothing items you used.
                                • Pack Smart - Packing your favorite outfits? Roll all the pieces of an outfit together so they are easily findable when you go to pull out the outfit from your suitcase. This also helps keep the wrinkles away.

                                So if you are busy working a 40 hour work week, chasing young kids around the house, or making dinner for visiting grandchildren, remember fashion doesn’t have to be difficult; use these quick and easy tips to keep you looking great all day long.




                                What Does Your Smile Say About You?

                                03 Dec 2015

                                what a smile can say about youA smile can often make a significant difference in someone’s day. How often does it happen that you are having a rough day and then one of your kids runs by fighting imaginary bad guys with a huge grin on his face and you can’t help but smile back? Doesn’t that immediately brighten your own day? This power of a simple facial expression can convey so many feelings for yourself and those around you. A smile tells others more about you than just simple words, and it can help you feel more confident and happy.


                                What Do Different Types of Smiles Say to Others?

                                Body language makes up much of what we actually have to say and smiling is at the forefront of communicating true meaning. A tight-lipped smile may be one of the most common types of smiling because it is one of the easiest to actually execute. But it’s also one of the easiest to fake. This is a smile that we give to just be polite to another person. It can express reservations about a setting, a person or it may just mask your true emotions. It may also just be that you feel self-conscious about your own smile. Whatever the case may be, smiling with only your lips indicates to others you are hiding something.


                                On the other side of the coin, a full smile with your teeth exposed will show others that you are comfortable around them. It is more inviting and shows that you are genuinely happy with the situation. A large smile says that you are accepting and you will appear honest and trustworthy. It also tells others that you are comfortable with yourself. Studies have also shown that people who smile more often are of high social influence and power.

                                Smile with Your Eyes

                                Some people worry about “crow’s feet” or “laugh lines” showing up in their face around the corners of their eyes. But true, genuine smiles make the muscles around your eyes bunch up at the corners. You can’t force those muscles to look happy because it is merely a natural reaction. Your eyes are the gateway to the soul and those corner muscles around your eyes are the gateway to your true emotions. The happier you are, the more genuine smiles you’ll give and people around you will appreciate those laugh lines and see you as a genuine, positive and loving individual.


                                In the Out

                                16 Nov 2015

                                (Submitted by Heidi, a loyal Heirloom customer)


                                Clutching the steering wheel along 1-15, I wondered; yet again, why I was out in this snow turning ice storm.  The cars off the sides of the road were a harsh reminder of the conditions I had willingly chosen to risk my life . . . all for the sake of a dozen crispy crème doughnuts.


                                I had to have them!  So drive I did, through wind and snow and ice!   As the University Parkway exit appeared, I was happily relieved to learn my journey was almost over.  I inched up the road to where the Crispy Crème store was perched as a beacon on the hill.  Never was I so glad to turn into a parking lot.  Never was I so grateful to have arrived at a destination safely.  And never was I so confused when I pulled up to the drive in window and wondered why they put the drive through window on the passenger’s side of the car!?


                                The puzzled look on the Crispy Crème employee’s face verified the fact, that I was not the only person confused . . . “Aaaah maam,” he stammered, but before he could complete his sentence, I realized what happened!  I had driven up to the drive thru window . . . from the exit!   I had driven in the out!  ARGH!  I was mortified, embarrassed and in a total stupor of thought as what to do next!


                                “If I hurry to get your order, then it’s possible that another car won’t arrive and hit you head on.”  He said.  What a calming thought, I reflected, trying to figure out how I could explain this predicament to my hubby . . .  so I carefully inched my way backwards down the drive thru, flipped a U-ie in the parking lot . . . and headed home . . . but not before I grabbed my dozen doughnuts.  This time the drive thru window magically appeared on the driver’s side of the car.   My father always said, “Things are easier if you do them right the first time.”  But then, you don’t have a story to tell.



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