Costco & Heirloom

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If you thought that Costco was just a place to get deals on foods, think again. Costco offers a wide selection of products from household items, electronics, and even clothes at a great price. With a membership, Costco allows you to order clothes online or shop in-store. The warehouse offers women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing of all kinds including swimwear, tops, pants, shoes, etc.


Think shopping at a warehouse is just for penny pinchers? According to Thomas J. Stanley’s book Stop Acting Rich and Start Living Like a Real Millionaire, even millionaires buy their clothes at Costco. Costco was listed as fifth most popular place from which millionaires purchase their clothes.



Heirloom Partnered With Costco

layering basics from heirloom clothing found at costcoLucky for all of our Heirloom shoppers, we have partnered with Costco, so you can find our brand in Costco stores. 
Try attending Costco events to get the best deals on our clothes. During Costco special events, it is easy to find quality clothing at a discounted price. These Costco events last about 9 to 10 days and are a perfect opportunity to shop for Heirloom Clothing.



Other Costco events can help you get great deals too. Costco roadshow events have been appearing over the country for over 15 years. Costco roadshows are great places to check out not only Heirloom clothing, but other products and foods.



Heirloom clothing has teamed up with Costco in order to provide clothing that women love at a price they can afford. Check out Costco special events for Heirloom Clothing to see the full schedule of Costco road shows around the country.




See the Heirloom - Costco Schedule

So get your Costco membership to get the great deals from Costco special events and roadshows. And make sure to attend Heirloom’s next Costco event near you.