Different Types of Skirts

Not all skirts are created equal. Skirts come in a variety of different cuts, styles, fabrics, and lengths. Different styles of skirts have different fits, which are more flattering on different body types and will pair better with different tops and accessories. Heirloom Clothing skirts fall under three different types- pencil, ponte, and maxi.


Pencil Skirts


a black and white pencil skirt by heirloom clothingA pencil skirt obtained its name from the style and is very straight and narrow. It is not flared or flowy and will hug the body. Pencil skirts can come in various lengths, but are mostly commonly seen in knee or tea length. They are also found in both high and low waisted. Pencil skirts’ simplistic cut makes them pair well with most tops and they can easily be dressy or casual. Pencil skirts are the most popular for professional work wear and pair very well with blazers. Pencil skirts can come in slight variations of cut and fabrics that with the right fit can be very flattering on any body type.






Ponte Skirts


black ponte skirt from heirloom clothingPonte skirts are defined by their particular fabric, which is a double knit. Ponte skirts are commonly a tighter fit skirt but are available in straight styles as well as flared. These skirts are typically dressier, suited for professional and classy looks, and are mainly seen in knee length. Due to the variety of styles, ponte skirts can be paired with mosts tops and are particularly paired well with flowy, lightweight tops. They also can be paired nicely with belts and other accessories in certain varieties.





Maxi Skirt

colorful maxi skirt by heirloom clothingNamed for its length, maxi skirts are identified by a hem resting at the ankles. Maxi skirts can be loose or tight fitting, but are usually seen in a more relaxed and often flowy fit. These skirts are also typically seen in lightweight fabrics and are more casual. The volume commonly found in maxi skirts means a tighter or stiffer fabric top is usually the best pairing. Maxi skirts looked good with a tucked in top, especially with a high waisted skirt. They also pair well with jackets and cardigans of various styles.



There may be many different types of skirts, but all come in variations within style. When found in the right style and paired with the right tops, anyone can find a skirt of each style that can fit their body type and sense of style. At Heirloom Clothing, our skirts come in the variety of styles and colors needed to fit into your closet and life.