Stretch, Bend, Lean

We’ve got you covered!

Find out why we’re The Essential Shirt Company


We know this is a time of uncertainty. You can be assured that Heirloom Clothing is taking every precaution to keep our customers and employees safe and healthy. These are a few of the precautions we are taking during COVID-19:

- We sanitize & disinfect our store, warehouse and offices multiple times daily

- Our employees are maintaining appropriate social distancing

- Employees demonstrating any symptoms are required to stay home

- We have closed our Retail Outlet Store

- We have implemented extra safety measures concerning all returns

- We continue to manufacture solely in the USA and do not import any international products

- We encourage customers to check our Costco Schedule to find us in retail stores

Please reach out to info@heirloomclothing.com if you have additional questions or concerns. We wish you and your loved ones health and safety during this time of uncertainty, and are grateful for the efforts of those who are fighting this unseen threat.

Why is your Company’s name Heirloom?

Almost 15 years ago, Shellie Slade designed and manufactured a line of layering shirts that allows women to move with confidence, regardless of where their day takes them. She named the company Heirloom, because the shirts are timeless in their style.  Check out Our Story to learn more about our founder, Shellie Slade.

Why do I need an Essential Shirt?

Every woman's closet is filled with shirts. Shirts to wear under cardigans, jackets and sweaters. Shirts to provide warmth. Shirts to add coverage or layer under sheer fabric. Shirts to wear alone. Shirts that transition throughout a busy day. Heirloom Clothing is your one-stop shop to meet all your essential shirt needs.

How do your shirts  STRETCH, BEND & LEAN?  

Our shirts are hand-crafted in a signature fabric that moves with you throughout your day.  No pulling, yanking or stretching!

Our shirts are designed for maximum, yet stylish coverage.  No second thought about plunging necklines, skimpy sleeves or low-cut pants. We’ve Got You Covered!

How does your clothing fit? 

Basic Shirts - are made of 90/10 Cotton/Spandex and feature our soft, signature fabric.  Our shirts are designed to be a layering shirt worn underneath another article of clothing. The body-hugging silhouette is intended to fit snugly against your body to smooth out bumps without the discomfort of traditional shapewear. If you would rather wear it alone, we suggest you go with a larger size than normal. Size Charts and Fit Tips are included on each Basic Shirt product page to provide specific information about the fit of each style.

Relaxed Fit Shirts - are made of our super soft Modal/Spandex blend. They are designed with an easy, relaxed fit for maximum comfort and wearability. Follow the sizing charts, to match the shirt with your lifestyle.

For more information about sizing check out this link.

Why did you stop selling Fashion Wear?

We decided to do what we do best: Create shirts with timeless style and reliable sizing. Our loyal customers came back to our Essential Shirts time and time again which encouraged us to make them our sole focus. Because our Essential Shirts are timeless instead of trendy, they provide a needed foundation for every woman’s wardrobe.

Our goal is to become YOUR Essential Shirt Company. With our newly released Relaxed Fit line and others currently under design, we plan to become the company you turn to again and again for your Essential Shirt Needs.

Will you be restocking some of my favorite Heirloom Fashion Wear?

Sadly, no. We are closing out all fashion wear to make room for what we do best, Essential Shirts. The remaining items are offered in our Closeout section at deeply reduced prices.

What makes you unique?

Our shirts are made in the USA, and our designer works closely with our manufacturer on a daily basis to provide the best quality products for our customers.

Why do you have a Closeout Section?

When a style or color has a limited inventory available, we move it into the closeout section. This allows customers to stock up on favorite styles and colors, at incredible prices, before they are gone forever.

How can I look into distributing your products?

If you own a brick & mortar store or online business; you can purchase our shirts at bulk pricing. For more information check out this link and get in touch with us at info@heirloomclothing.com

Where else can I find your products?

We offer a limited selection of styles & colors on Amazon and on Costco. We also sell through private retail stores. The most complete selection of styles & colors is found online at heirloomclothing.com and at our Retail Outlet Store in Springville, Utah.

I have a question, how can I get in touch with you?

Heirloom’s shirts are timeless, and so is our customer support. When you need help, we believe the best way to serve you is with a real person, with personalized answers. So get in touch with us by emailing info@heirloomclothing.com for a quick response. Or message us with the chat tool on our website. All methods of contact can be found on our Contact Us page.