Using Long Cami Tank Tops to Your Advantage



An Heirloom camisole tank top is not just any other article of clothing to put in your bag of layering tricks. These cami tank tops are designed to be a versatile staple for your wardrobe



Longer is Better

Don’t you hate it when you lean over to grab that smelly shirt your teenager left on the living room floor and your shirt rises up beyond where you want it to? A long cami tank prevents this because it covers even the lowest cut bottoms and doesn’t look out of place.

A long cami tank isn’t so hot that your can’t wear it during the summer months by itself or even as part of a fashionable, layered look. Then during the colder fall and winter months the longer design is also functional because it will keep you warmer.



Find Your Ideal Look

Heirloom slim fit makes it excellent for layering with other clothes. You can also use the cami tank by itself with its beautiful feminine fit. Plus a perfect neckline offers you extra coverage exactly how you want it.

Our soft stretch fabric holds you in amazingly but never binds your body, making it a comfortable fit in everyday and even extreme situations. And there are no tags to fiddle with and scratch up against your skin.

Colors are especially important when layering and when making your fashion statement in general. Heirloom long camis come in a variety of colors including Seafoam, Peach Delight, Emerald, Papaya, and Marigold, as well as traditional Black and White to go with whatever suits your mood, style, or outfit.



Other Options

If you just aren’t feeling the cami top, then there are many other options out there for you! Check out our other products so you can make your own fashion statement!


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