What Makes a T-Shirt Comfortable?



A comfortable t-shirt is essential to every wardrobe. But what makes a t-shirt comfortable?




The Fabric.


The most comfortable shirts are made from soft fabric with a little stretch that doesn’t make you feel restricted. You are able to do whatever you need to throughout your day without a constricting shirt getting in your way. Even better is a soft-stretch fabric that will keep its shape. No one wants a t-shirt that completely loses shape after a wash or two.




The Fit.


A t-shirt can be made of the most comfortable fabric in the world, but if it doesn’t have a good fit, it’s not comfortable. When you are wearing a well-fitted, conservative t-shirt, you don’t have to worry about limiting the way you move. No more reaching for that thing you need on the top shelf and showing the whole store your stomach. You can feel comfortable in what you are wearing knowing you are all covered.




The Tag.


We’ve all experienced the torment of a scratchy tag that rubs that little spot on the back of your neck raw. You rush home, take out that pair of scissors, and finally send that tag where it belongs—the garbage. But then you have to deal with the remnants of the scratchy little tag at the top of your shirt every time you wear it. Better idea: forget the tag. The most comfortable t-shirts are tag-less. You never have to worry about that tag scratching you because it isn’t there!



A comfortable—and cute—t-shirt with comfortable fabric, a good fit, and no tag can be one of the hardest things to find. At Heirloom Clothing, we make elegant wardrobe essentials that are comfortable and can be worn anytime, from work to play. Check out one of our comfortable.