What Makes a Tank Top Comfortable?



The wrong tank top can ruin any outfit. How do you know when you’ve found the right one? Here are four tips that will help you score the perfect, fashionable tank top every single time.

The Fit

Whether you’re wearing a tank top on its own or underneath a shirt that’s a little too thin, fit is the most important aspect to keep in mind when finding the perfect tank top. You want something that hugs the body, but isn’t so tight that it cuts off your circulation. You don’t want to have to struggle putting on your tank top, either. So opt for tank tops made with soft-stretch fabric that always hold its shape. Find ones with wide straps that sit smoothly on your shoulders, instead of digging into your skin. The perfect tank top can be worn alone or underneath your favorite top without adding extra bulk or revealing any unmentionables.

The Length

Have you ever had that tank top that comes untucked when you sit down, or that rides up revealing your stomach when you reach for something? We’ve all been there. Test your tanks first. Try them on, then sit down and raise your hands above your head. If your tank stays tucked in or sits nicely on your hips while doing those actions, then you’ve found the right one.

The Tag

Let’s get real for one second, tags are so yesterday. No one wants to even deal with an itchy tag nowadays. How about when the tag pops out of your shirt and you always have to stuff it back in? No one wants to deal with that either. Save yourself from that horrible itch and choose a tagless tank top that doesn’t require you to work while wearing it.

The Versatility

Nothing is better than finding a tank top that you can dress up or dress down. The perfect tank top comes in a variety of colors that can be worn while doing yoga in the park with your girlfriends, or at a romantic dinner date a few hours later. They can also be layered under cardigans or your favorite sweater as the weather gets colder. You’ll be a trendsetter because multi-purpose items of clothing, like a sporty yet feminine tank tops, are totally in-style right now.

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