What You Can Do When Your Clothes Are Actually Comfortable


be able to multitask in your clothes

The real world isn’t quite as glamorous as fashion models in magazines and movies make it out to be, and that’s okay.



When you are working a 9-hour shift your skin maybe doesn’t radiate a continuous golden glow, and on a normal day, your hair probably doesn’t blow elegantly in the wind as you carry groceries in from your car.



And that’s just fine.



At Heirloom Clothing, we design real clothes for real women; clothes that are functional, fashionable, and comfortable.



Our tag-less design and the soft, durable fabric of our shirts will keep you comfortable at every moment; even that moment when you have one child hanging off your leg screaming while another wreaks havoc on the grocery store shelves, or the moment you realize you forgot to turn off the car headlights because you were distracted by a long conference call.



Life isn’t perfect, and you shouldn’t expect it to be, but with Heirloom Clothing you can expect perfection from your clothing. We sell a variety of styles including tees, cap sleeves, tanks, cardigans, camisoles, and pants.



So come see what we have to offer, and be your own brand of fashion model today!