Why Layering Fashion is the Best Fashion

image of women bending, leaning, and stretching while their clothes stay in place



Because bending and reaching are part of life.


How many legos have you already picked up today? How many dishes have you washed? How hard did you pull at the paper to un-jam the office printer? Are you feeling confident about your presentation to your boss this afternoon? Your days are long and full of activities that simply can’t accommodate a failing wardrobe.

Layering fashion is perfect for the modern woman because bending, reaching, tugging, and moving are a part of life. With a simple cap sleeve undershirt you can be totally confident that when you bend down to pick up a pen, your co-workers aren’t getting a bird’s-eye view.




It’s the easy way to make your clothes unique.


Ever struggle with a monochromatic wardrobe? It can be easy to fall into color ruts when it comes to buying clothes. Who has the time or money to fix the problem though? With layering fashion, it become easy as pie to add pops of color. Add a bright colored cap sleeve layering tank underneath a spaghetti strap to totally change your look. Try a tank beneath a blouse to cheat having a longer torso.


Layering is a great way to make your style personal. Even if someone is wearing the same top, the way you choose to accent it and adjust it makes it uniquely yours. Layering tanks and T’s are the perfect way to show the world that you control your fashion.




You choose what you cover, no matter the cut.


Ever go shopping and find the cutest top--but it’s just too low cut? Or a gorgeous dress with too large of a cutout in the back? Never fear, Heirloom is here. A layering tank can raise that neckline to just the right place and keep you covered and comfortable in the back. Every woman feels that a certain part of her body is a “trouble area,” a place she needs a little extra help to keep covered and our layering shirts are completely up to the job. Feel consistently comfortable no matter what.


Are you convinced? Layering fashion is perfect for you and your lifestyle. Never worry  about becoming undone or uncovered again. See our incredible line of layering T’s and tanks picked just for you. So go, live your life, and stop worrying about your clothes. Happy shopping!