Why Wear a ¾ Length Sleeve Top?

Short sleeves are for summer, and long sleeves are for winter. But what about a ¾ length sleeve top? They can be worn throughout the year, and ¾ length sleeves are actually the most flattering for any body shape. ¾ sleeve shirts reach past the elbow to the forearm and cover about three-quarters of the arm, thus the name. Not only are they flattering on everyone, but they are versatile. Here is why you should consider getting more ¾ length shirts in your wardrobe.



3/4 sleeve options at heirloom clothingFlattering

Sleeve length can change your silhouette and the proportion of your body because the eye is drawn to where a sleeve ends. A cap sleeve will drawn the eyes upward, while a longer sleeve will draw the eyes toward your hips. ¾ length sleeve tops are perfect because they draw the eye to the waist. The sleeve then acts as a narrowing point to the body, slimming the waist and giving you an hourglass figure.


¾ length sleeves are especially flattering for women with wider hips because the sleeves point to the waist. Long tee shirt sleeves highlight your forearm and wrists, creating a slimmer arm.



¾ shirts are versatile; they can be worn all year round. Light ¾ button downs are great in the summer because they help you stay cool, while keeping you protected from the sun. In the winter, they provide coverage and warmth. A ¾ shirt can be dressed up, or down. Wear it with a maxi skirt and some sandals for an easy summer look, or pair it with a jacket and slacks for a chic work outfit.  You can even turn long sleeves into ¾ sleeves by rolling them up.





These shirts are also perfect for layering. You can wear them under a vest or a jean jacket. ¾ length sleeve tops can also be used as undershirts; layer them under a spaghetti strapped dress for more coverage, or place them under cute strappy tank tops for a style that’s great for work.



Our V Neck ¾ Sleeve


Ready to try the ¾ sleeve craze? At Heirloom, we have a V Neck ¾  Sleeve that you will love. It is classic, yet versatile; it is comfortable, and doesn’t have a tag. It has a relaxed fit with a longer length so that it can be worn with anything. We carry our ¾ sleeve shirt in a variety of colors too. You can read more details and purchase it here.